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Fenris Squad, 104th Wolfpack Battalion

Fenris Squad is a 6-man specialist strike team that serves as a part of the 104th Wolfpack Battalion, led by veteran ARC Sergeant ARC-08/04-2008 'Talvisota'.

Founded by Talvisota around mid-way through the Clone Wars, the idea came about after the 104th fought alongside the 501st Legion and Talvisota saw how their Domino Squad was able to perform in battle. Once seeing Domino in action, he decided to do the same thing for the 104th Battalion. Whether it was to either replicate their style of operations or to add some competition between the 104th and 501st, only Talvisota knew.

However, once Talvisota had picked out his members, he instead created a specialist unit far outside what Domino Squad was capable of.

After the unit was formed and put through it's paces, it was discovered that Fenris Squad was capable of performing high-risk, high-reward styled missions, similar in manner to that of The Muunilinst 10 led by ARC-77 'Fordo'. Since discovering this, Fenris Squad has performed a number of dangerous missions with the 104th, other units and even on their own - and have always come back in one piece.

To date, the style of missions Fenris Squad has carried out covers:

- Deep Reconnaissance
- Infiltration of fortified locations
- Extractions and Rescues whilst under heavy fire (something they have become experts in)
- Rapid Assaults
- Airborne Insertion
- Guerrilla Warfare
- Sabotage
- Torch-and-Burn

The Squad's composition comprises of this (from left to right):

- Trooper CT-24-8662 'Trysk' - Combat Medic
- ARC Trooper ARC-8547/001 'Howl' - Squad's Second in Command
- Trooper CT-7992/1142 'Logan' - Demolitions Specialist
- ARC Sergeant ARC-08/04-2008 'Talvisota' - Squad's Founder and Commander
- ARC Trooper ARC-08/07-2014 'Lauri' - Guerrilla Warfare and Survivalist Specialist
- Trooper CT-01/11-9177 'Sepp' - Designated Marksman

Well, another Squad of mine that I've had rattling around in my head is finished!

I have to be honest, this one was a bit of a challenge - partly due to the fact I've never used the Heavy Gunner Helmet before (same style to that of Marshal Commander Bacara), and mostly due to my ARC Troopers Talvisota and Lauri, I had to try and think of names that hailed around Scandinavia that would help keep the trend going with the Squad. However, given the fact I named the unit Fenris Squad - after the Homeworld of the Space Wolves Space Marine Chapter in Warhammer 40K - and taking the time to delve more into it's characteristics, like language (and also what helped inspire the creation of the Chapter - Norse Mythology and Scandinavian languages) and Fenris' culture, then the names came easily.

To that end, Logan shares his name with the current Space Wolves' Great Wolf (Chapter Master) Logan Gimnar. Trysk's name means 'Ice' in the Fenrisian language 'Juvjk', as does Sepp's name, which is 'Seven' - which is the reason why Trysk has the Space Wolves Chapter Emblem on his Left Shoulder Plate and his visor is Ice Blue - to help reinforce this.

All in all, I think I've done well.

Hope you all like it and hope you're doing OK out there.

Lucasfilms/Disney: Owners of the Star Wars Franchise.
EA GAMES/DICE: Owners of Star Wars Battlefront II (2017).
Fisher: Bringing Clone Trooper assets over to the Source Engine, and for the creation of the Heavy Gunner helmet from scratch.
Sour: Modified Scout Trooper Model from his 41st Elite Corps Pack.
:iconsuddenlyjam:: Owner of ARC Trooper Howl, and for giving me permission to use him.
Kommandant4298: Creation of image and owner of troopers Talvisota, Lauri, Trysk, Logan and Sepp.
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This is beautiful.

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Thanks mate!

And thanks for the fave while I'm at it!

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You are welcome, dear.

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Appreciate it mate!

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Glad you approve mate! And thanks for the Fave!

The clone on the far left is wearing the fenrisian emblem of the space wolf on his left shoulder, well it seem this trooper has succeeded His trial on the icy world of leman Rus

Your welcome 🙏

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