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The White Alchemists by komi114 The White Alchemists by komi114
These Dark Mate Clans refuse the modern science and just focus on pure chemistry.
And summoning the unidentified creatures.[Not alien I say! XD] 

The White Alchemists (c) Epic World / Kim Tae Hwan
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Phantom--Alchemist Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018
Good day!

Aww yeah! Happy  It's always nice to know more about the Dark Mate Clans and the system within it - I like how you expand on the levels of characters that exist there and make it more complex - I think that it's delightful to have such a well-thought world for your story. :3 Ahah, and I especially like the fact that these gents (and, perhaps, ladies too?) happen to be alchemists; you know, since I am Phantom--ALCHEMIST, it's nice to see 'colleagues' out there XD

Now, regarding the drawing: I don't know why, but I really like their costumes - I think that their designs work well with bringing an aura of mystery and unpredictability to these alchemical geniuses, and the goggles/glasses add an element of modernity to them. It sort of feels like they could be these types of characters that would keep searching for the Philosopher's Stone while in any day and age. And I believe that this is quite an interesting idea, which has a lot of potential to be expanded further. tard is happy

So, I wanted to ask: do you think that you could proceed with drawing them? I'd love to see one Alchemist getting a name and a character ^-^

Yours respectfully, Phantom--Alchemist
komi114 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018
Nice pun! XD

Then I need more representative of White Alchemists.
First I need to squeeze my brain to think another ideas! :D
Thanks for the compliment! Oh, I love puns here and there... I think that they can be delightful, when done right :D

I'd love to see the new Alchemist character! ^^

In case of you'd like me to, I can help you and create a White Alchemist character myself ^-^' I would be honoured if you'd squeeze this character somewhere in your artworks ^^; So, what do you think?
komi114 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018
Good idea! ;)
I'll be waiting for your character! 
Great! ^^

Alright, let's see what I can do... here we go! Meet Mr. Jerome: a boss of the White Alchemists (or, at least, I envision him as a boss ^^; you can change his status, if you please :)).

Visual looks: I see him as having long (you can choose any length you prefer, but I see him as having at least shoulder-length hair ^-^), brown hair with grey locks. He has long, sharp and thin nose, and he also has to wear round glasses in a thin frame, because without them he cannot see well. He is tall, thin, pale and a bit slouching. He is around 50 years old, but he can be a bit older too.

Personality: Mr. Jerome, or just 'Jerome' is a very devoted alchemist, who has grand ideas - he wants to create an elixir of eternal life, learn how to turn lead into gold and come up with panacea; he is a talanted alchemist in a sense that he can create different potions, but when these potions are compared to his 'grand goals', they are not THAT big of achievements. He considers his biggest achievement so far an elixir that can make a person live for a thousand years, but it works only if a person who drinks it is at least 100 years old already. He writes down all the recipes for new potions that he creates in a special book; this book has poisoned covers (because Mr. Jerome wants to protect his secrets from thieves), and Mr. Jerome keeps it safe. Oh, and he also wears gloves all the time because of this book: he doesn't want to get poisoned accidentally.

Mr. Jerome loves to read. His personal room is filled with dozens of books, and he has read all (or, at least, most) of them. He is a bit forgetful, because there's just too much information and ideas in his head to remember, but when he happens to get in trouble, he always finds a way to use his knowledge to save himself.

I'd say that he could be a friend of Mr. Clockward and maybe a frenemy of Dr. Weirdo (I mean, since alchemists don't really like modern science, and Dr. Weirdo is a scientist... it just somehow doesn't feel that Mr. Jerome and Dr. Weirdo could get on well, but I don't think that they could be 100% enemies).


So, what do you think? :D
komi114 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018
Fun fact : Dr.Weirdo is immune to poisoning.
His blood is toxic through his veins cause his long experiments.
So that's why he hind his hands covered with black rubber gloves.
Also he use his toxic nails to scratch his opponents easily make sure to die faster.
Phantom--Alchemist Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018
Wow, I didn't know that! :D

So, what do you think of the character? ^-^
komi114 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018
Good! ;)
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