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The Ace Rulers by komi114 The Ace Rulers by komi114
Another secret groups from Dark Mate Clans!

Issac Lopez , Nora Donddleberg (c) Epic World / Kim Tae Hwan
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Phantom--Alchemist Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
Good day!

Oh wow... I must say that I am surprised to see these new characters, but they seem to be quite interesting. Judging from their visual looks, I'd say that they hold a high position in the Clan; I think that they could be the judges of the Clan or, maybe, the ones that look after all the artifacts and documents that the Clan has. Well, either way, I'd say that they are important and respected.

Regarding the illustration: the clothing design is very good, very atmospheric - it made me think of these people as powerful, and, maybe, even a bit intimidating. The colour palette chosen is likable too - I just love the harmony present between black and violent as well as violet and red. :) Also, the masks of the smaller 'Rulers' seem to have a neat design!

Regarding the situation: Nora seems to be quite confused with them, and they seem to be quite hostile... why is she meeting them? Could that have something to do with Mr. Donddleberg, her father? ^^; Oh well, either way, I hope that she makes it out okay! ^-^

Yours respectfully, Phantom--Alchemist.
komi114 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
Well these are the notorious cult members from DMC.
Standing position like the executive one.
Every types of members sometimes hate each others cause their comments are so different.
Phantom--Alchemist Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
So, they are pretty much the leaders of the Clan, helping Sir Basil (ahah, sorry, if I don't remember his name correctly ^^; )?

I think that's exciting to know more about the power structure within the Clan. :) It's interesting to discover more about it - especially in such a wonderful way! :3
jakehunter Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018
Noice look they gots
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