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Unibody HDs - Flurry Style

By komfort-zone
This is my new unibody HD collection for Mac.

Included: 512px, 256px, 128px, 32px, 16px, png, icns

I hope you like it & feedback is welcome!
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Looking great & No longer confused by what duties I've assigned my Drives

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been looking for the green light!  GO with it!  beautiful!
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thanks ,I took it away.
hahaha nc icons dude
Nice work. Could do without the base shadow, though.
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it looks awesome..... thank you for sharing.....
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great work! going on my iMac thanks!!
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thanks! great that you like it
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I love this set. Is it possible to have a PSD version?
I would add some icons to my collection!
Really thanks :)
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thank you very much
No Icon for Windows Disks (for BootCamp users?)
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Hi! Sorry not yet, but I will make it in the next couple of weeks!
where did you download "Apple's own Icon Composer app"?
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Oh it's in the Mac Developer XCode Suite. You can download it for free in the Mac App Store :)
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If this was a complete, system replacement icon set for Lion, I'd be willing to pay for it...
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Well I do have a lot of ideas... in the next couple of months I will expand that unibody range. But it will be for free of course!
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First and foremost, that was a compliment :). Even though everyone loves free beer, I'm aware - being a professional myself - that people tend to abandon free projects when something that pays bills comes up, so why not make a complete (and cheap :)) icon set that many would buy? Just a thought...
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I saved the icons as .icns files with Apple's own Icon Composer app. There it is only possible to have 512px, 256px, 128px, 32px, and 16px. I am sorry...
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Really good, nice idea you had!! :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much :)
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this is awesome! fav :D
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