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The Encyclopedia of Gods and Goddesses
Copyright(C)TAKARAJIMASHA Inc.All Rights Reserved.
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BrandoRJM's avatar
Nice...¿And Cerberus?. So beatiful (Perdón por el inglés). 
pookiesaurus4's avatar
He looks bored AF
ChAndreas's avatar
How does he pass through doors? 0_o
pookiesaurus4's avatar
He opens them silly. Oh, you meant the helmet, he turns to the side
rexjadis's avatar
hades has any relationship with lucifer, satanq(devil or devil)?
pookiesaurus4's avatar
What the fuck? Why are you asking me? And no, that's not the case. Contrary to popular belief. Hades is actually neutral, and he's a lot nicer than his baby brother Zeus. Yes, I did my research, and Hades is older than Zeus.
Endy-Blackpearl's avatar
Hey, i have to do a project for my latin class on this guy. I quite like this picture, is it alright if i use it in my presentation?
Mojopowell's avatar
I don't know when this was posted or if you'll even respond to this, but I'm writing a book. I don't plan to publish, but this looks damn cool and I would like it to be the cover for the first book. Thanks! I will probably post some of the chapters on here if you ant to read. I'll only use it with your permission. Great pic.
Great Hades Drawing! One of three that i think represent him.
nocturn7's avatar
Hard to imagine that he's actually the most reasonable god in greek/roman mythology :O…
love your design so i made a zbrush model of it.
work in progress, i hope you like :)
Vermink's avatar
this is cool. I like the way he looks.
hi, would it be alright to use the design as a ref picture for a tattoo?
Faraxx33's avatar
Quite awesome. I love your design for the Helm of Darkness.
luzianacityboy's avatar
He looks quite bored of the Underworld.
Miyuko142's avatar
Would it be alright with you if I used this piece in a school presentation/project/thing? Proper credit given, of course (in fact, part of the project is learning how to cite the source)
Emperor-sama's avatar
What happens when/if the horn(s) break?
Faraxx33's avatar
He gets the cyclops to repair the Helm? After all, they created it.
Emperor-sama's avatar
I just asked because of the rather brittle look.
Faraxx33's avatar
Well, it's a very old helm. Older than Humanity itself.
Emperor-sama's avatar
Therefor it should be somewhat weakened by age.
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