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Wanderer vs Courier meme - done



I liked this meme at once.
Blanc one - [link]

Lone Wanderer - Felix, also featured in [link]

Courier Six - Augustus, also featured in [link]


1. Gave the Courier gambler's suit for more difference.

2. Gus is impressed by the part about deathclaws. They were really not half as tough in F3, don't you think so?

3. Lone Wanderer travelled alone, only took Fawkes for a walk in Takoma Factory.

4. Blond and green-eyed, both. I often make first characters blond, regardless of gender. Still regret there's no option for grey eyes in aither of the games.

5. Neither is tasked to find some fair-haired green-eyed bastard in glasses/shades. One is searching for dad, the other - for Benny.

6. Ain't that a kick in the head? Literally? Felix, the disgruntled courier. Inspired by Nugs, the disgruntled cashier.

7. Felix ruined the vault one day. Met a few ex-inhabitants in the Wasteland later.

8. Cass and Wanderer would find a common topic. Sunburnt Arcade offers medical services. The guy might even have caps for the entire course.

9. I played New Vegas right after Fallout 3, and when met Lucius muttered "Daddy?"And Colonel Augustus Autumn is displeased...As usual, though.

10. In case you can't read the font: "Gus, who the hell is Ulysses? Felix". "Felix, one intense and nervous man here wants some console code. Do you happen to know it? Augustus".
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I love memes. :3
I can't do this one, though. I don't have a wanderer or a courier.