Shatterback Ridge

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Welcome to Ancient Mythos Ranch

We specialize in Rock, Dragon and Ground Types

Shatteback Ridge Inventory

Name | Species | Breeding Status

Male Pokemon

Hawthorne by KomatiiteSeal Hawthorne | Deino Morph | Open
Lancaster by KomatiiteSeal Lancaster | Deino Morph | Open
Macbeth | Deino/Shuppet Cross | Open

Scarus by KomatiiteSeal Scarus | Tyrunt/Carvana Cross | Open
Varro by KomatiiteSeal Varro | Deino/Carvahna Cross | Open

Female Pokemon

Juno by KomatiiteSealJuno | Hopip Fusion (Grass/Rock) | Open

Sycorax by KomatiiteSeal Sycorax | Deino Shiny + Fusion (Dragon/Dark/Psychic) | Closed
Moth by KomatiiteSeal Moth | Gastly Fusion (Ghost/Poison/Dark) | Closed

Breeding Information

Currently not open, though exections will be made.
Clutches will be split 50/50.
If an item is used that person gets first pick and the leftover pokemon in an odd numbered clutch.


Closed | Click here for details

Open Clutches

Clutch Dump OPEN by KomatiiteSeal  Clutch Dump OPEN by KomatiiteSeal  Giant Clutch Dump OPEN by KomatiiteSeal



Treeckos of any sort
Cubone/Poochenya Cross
Deinos of any sort
Goomy/Murkrow(?) Cross (maybe fusion)
Dragon Fusion Bouffalant and/or Tauros
Rock Fusion Bergmite (maybe grass as well)
Psychic Fusion Absol

Ponyta/Doduo Cross
Goomy/Dratini Cross
Morph Purrloin (sphynx cat)
Doduo/Ducklett Cross
Ghost Fusion Munna (have parents)

Grass/Water Fusion Morph Shiny Tauros
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So, I happened to see that you still have Evean in your inventory Oops, I snooped ahaha But I don't see her listed here anywhere! You wouldn't happen to be willing to give her up, would you? ;v; I don't currently have any points to give, but I'd be up for doing a bunch of levels for you! QvQ It's fine if you'd want to keep her, just figured I'd ask real quick.~

Just in case you don't remember her /v\ PKMNation: Evean