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3D test

Oh look, a picture! 8D

I have three unfinished pictures on my hard drive. I am sorry that I am so slow and... not doing anything.

Anyway, this is product done in Cinema4D for our college. Yes, the dog is pretty much out of proportion, but it was more about testing out the functions and how to use them properly.
I also played around a bit with the background. 'D

It doesn't look spectacular... but at least it's something?
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It looks like uv unwrapping might be easier on there compared to maya. Granted I watched a tutorial that used a cube.
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uv unwrapping?

This dog was made out of a cube. I simply extruded it and changed some polygons so they fit. owo It's made with low polygons and it was simple with Cinema4D.
I have no experience with Maya though. owo
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Unwrapping is just the process where you find seams in the model to 'flatten' out the mesh so you can paint on it with photoshop or some similar program. Kinda like clothing patterns or if you seen the flattened out faces for video game characters. Like this: [link]
The internet or a good book will be a great friend if you do more with 3d! :thumbsup::D
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Aaaaah, I see. owo We do that with "bodypaint 3D" in Cinema4D. And yes it's pretty easy with that. c:

And I know, I will definitely look deeper into it, once we are done with it at college. xD