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First of all, as usual, apologize for the inactivity, and for not replying any message
And thanks to all who :+fav:, :+devwatch:, gave a lama :)

It's been a while since my last activity here, well my activity here was already very weak, because of my school, and so as for my border skin development, i was checking and replying from time to time the messages here but what happened recently in Egypt, made me with no activity at all…

I can't describe the feeling when Mubarak stepped down, it was like finally, we got our country back, i don't have the words to describe these days, all i know, that from the moment i joined the protests in "Friday of Rage", i couldn't go back, i couldn't just wait months for him to step down, i couldn't bare another day of this regime, a regime that opened prisons, even the police was withdrawn from the airports, airports !!!, they used the police with the escaped prisoners to horrify the people, THE POLICE HORRIFYING THE PEOPLE, what kind of person who order that

Anyway, i don't know how to talk about the revolution, about how happy when i was in the Tahrir square seeing all these people not afraid of saying no, i simply can't talk about because i don't find any words to describe it, but stepping down was the start of the revolution, not the end, the real revolution is the start of building a new Egypt

The Power In People Is Stronger Than The People In Power
Proud To Be Egyptian :):):)

And To all Tourists from all over the world, please make Egypt your next holiday destination, tourism really really needs you all

Mohamed Kamal
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FangSoft Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
sid-crafty Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011
Cheers for Egypt!!!!!
May you rise in the world!!!!!

Wish India would also have same type of revolution in the future......we still count in one of the most corrupt nations in the world...

Anyway.....Congratulations to you and Egypt......nice to hear that you also took part in the revolution.
asilaydyingdl Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011
Hey, no need to bring the most powerful fighting force in the world into this conversation! Leave the US Army out of it! But it is good news to hear from you Komalo, I was wondering if we ever would again! I hope the new government will uphold the peace treaty with Israel, it would be a great idea because Israel just discovered huge natural gas reserves. Trade partners.
Ratchet-lombris Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Gah shyte :\ Yeah I was wondering why there was inactivity when suddenly D8> omfg thats right! :cry:

Ye should be proud to be Egyptian. the people of your country have shown the rest of us that it's us, the public, who run the country. it's a great revolution your country is going through and you've shown the world what we can do ^^,

I love how the Army was on your side, and how they even helped Libya people come into the country. Goes to show that they are humans.. Unlike most of the USA army xD
PeterRollar Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Mohamed!
You have all reasons to be proud on your country. I was sometimes thinking of you while hearing the news about the revolution in Egypt. Hopefully this will cause a better future for the egyptian people.Best wishes for a better Egypt.
The arab revolution is very powerful and will surely bring down some more dictators.
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Submitted on
March 2, 2011