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I am very sorry for all users for not replying on the bugs or errors they faced

i rarely log in, yeah i know, it's takes very very long time for me to put an update or something, but its school, my exams are in three weeks actually and then i am free, anyway i take notes about every comment that contain a suggestion, bug report or an error and i read all the comments, i don't ignore anything

i am planning to develop newer versions of border skin after exams, but won't have any new features, just bug fixes, stability and performance improvements

that's because i am planning for a new software in a category where there's no freeware available, (well the same thing when no one developed an aero simulator on xp, but this time, the software which i plane is not wanted for xp only), i started to work on some basics on it since a while, but need a lot of work

P.S: if u made a skin or a language file for border skin, u can submit it to the group borderskin.deviantart.com/
sorry for anyone sent me a language file on email or here, i am just so busy right now and i can't concentrate on anything other than school, please if u still interested, u can submit it to the group

thanks everybody, wish me luck
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me to... I've installed Win 7 Ultimate now...
plz work on ur new software...!!!