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Published: January 28, 2010
Update :
Thank you all for your magnificent comments
Border Skin 0.2.5 is now released
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So, After a long absence, I am going to redevelop border skin in a new,
i thought about it before and realized that why destroying border skin project while i can transform it into an effects program, by that i mean that border skin will be like a base for any effect, and each effect will be totally separated from the other (meaning that you can disable anyone without affecting the other) and users of vista and seven can enable the other effects too without having the border skinning (in case they had aero), of course I can't promise you with big effects but the most important thing that it will contain all the effects ( which means the border skinning also ) , you can expect a new version released after tomorrow, some bugs was fixed, if you remember a bug or something in border skin please post it, many bugs was fixed since the new base of effects opened new ideas for me, also the hover animation is back, you won't see be difference but it is a start

Oh and One Thing, It will contain aero snap (but its look isn't nice for now)

Mohamed Kamal
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First bug: when you want move a window, little delay in move.

Second bug: does not respect the work area to maximize. This is a maximized window without your software, this is a maximized window with your software.

Third bug: when you press twice in the title bar of a maximized window, not restored.
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first bug : still working on improving the moving speed
second bug : i think this happen with full screen windows, right ? anyway maximizing issues is decreased in 0.2.6 but there are still some problems with it
third bug : fixed in 0.2.6

thanks so much for the feed back
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Sonic-TH-wolfHobbyist Interface Designer
last year, the best artist made comebacks, but your comeback is the best thing since the journal of discontinuing

welcome back
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Coool! Border skin is the one thing that makes using my college's PC's bearable :D
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:wow: The best aero for XP is coming back. :) I love this project, good luck with it, Mr kinG is back!! :D
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good to see you back on dA
and I can't wait for the new BorderSkin :D
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Ratchet-lombrisHobbyist Photographer
Huzzah! :dummy: I was looking at it yesterday thinking 'Tis a shame it's discontinued'
If you'd like any help with the 'finer details' (EG precise image placement) or any design help, please feel free to message me :3 Also, I could help to make a Mac one (with shadows)
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TangmeisterHobbyist Interface Designer
me too!!!
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Ratchet-lombrisHobbyist Photographer
^^ :la:
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To see if the new version work in my computer. I hope that is available for XP, right? :D
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yup, this application was made basically for XP :D, but now will be available for vista and seven too with option to disable the border skinning effect (aero border emulation)
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PeterRollarHobbyist General Artist
Can't tell you how glad i am to hear this. I love BorderSkin.Good luck for this project.I will follow your work with greatest interest.
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thanks peter, glad that you will
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PeterRollarHobbyist General Artist
You made my day with this. Feels like having birthday.
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your encouraging words always make happy :)
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