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Hi all,

I wanted to share the current development status with BorderSkin.

There will be no development for new features like Aero Shake and Aero Snap in BorderSkin, but BorderSkin will have support for 64Bit windows, I am still haven't tested it on Windows 8 though.

Backward comparability
Before anything, I just wanted to say that any changes that I have done takes in consideration backward compatibility with the current themes, nothing will be affected (I hope (A) ).

Converting from VB.NET to C#
I originally developed BorderSkin in a scripting language called AutoIt but this version wasn't released then I rewrote the whole the program in VB.NET because I had some experience in it at that time, but now I can't stand developing using VB.NET so I converted the code into C#, the conversion wasn't 100% correct but I managed to fix problems and the code is currently all in C#.

The best converter I found which I used was

Refactoring source code
Considering the fact I wrote BorderSkin in high school gives you an idea of the how the source code was, so I am still in the process of refactoring the source code so that it is maintainable, easier to develop and allow new features to be developed without breaking some of current features (which happened lots of times in older versions). part of the refactoring was to extracting some reusable components out of BorderSkin in a seperate project.

Reusable components
BorderSkin contains so much functionality that other people can use, so why not extracting these functionality in external components. and of course extracting reusable components also makes development easier.

Currently there are two components that have been extracted:
Windows Hook: a .NET component allows you to receive notifications about changes in all windows like Location Changing and Size Changing, what makes this component unique (challenging in development) is its support for both 32Bit 64Bit windows at the same time which I am still facing problems at.
LayeredForms: a .NET component allows you to create forms with PNG transparent background images and add controls with also PNG transparent background over it, under the hood it uses layered windows, it doesn't support windows forms controls but comes with some basic controls like LayeredButton and LayeredTextbox which are the ones used in BorderSkin.

Refacotoring done on the source helped me identifying and fixing lots of issues issues that was reducing performance, you will find BorderSkin performance improved with Blur Enabled (Top blur only of course) without the laggy movement of windows while moving or resizing.

Stability & Bug fixes
This version unfortunately won't have many stability improvements of bug fixes, the reason is I am focusing to make this version a foundation I can build upon in the next versions, if I made a good foundation in this version, fixing bugs in the future will be easier and faster.

Open source
With the release of 0.3, BorderSkin and all the reusable components will be open source, most probably I will use both github and codeplex to host the project at the same time since they both have nice communities. I wanted to do this from long time but I didn't release the source code with its problems. In addition I was really afraid of what happened to Paint.NET, but after I've thought about it for a while, I've decided I will release it anyway. This might happen and it is one of the cons of having an open source program, but there are lots and lots of pros for it too.

Developers, what do you think about these updates ? do you think you may need these reusable components or BorderSkin going source code will be something good ?

Users, do you agree or disagree what's done so far in 0.3 version ? maybe there's something I am missing during the development ? or there's something that is an absolutely need in 0.3 ?

Mohamed Kamal Kamaly
so its been a while since my last journal, and also my activities here in dA

I hate giving hope of something i started to think i won't be able to do, fixing Border Skin bugs and updating it to a newer versions, my development seems to be very slow, don't get me wronge i adore Border Skin, it was and still my first to be published project, gave me a boast in the computer field in general i wouldn't dream of, but its complexity and size as a project to achieve something deep down in myself i know it can't be as good as the original, and to be developed mainly for one operating system, i don't know, maybe that's why i am developing it that slow, and add all that to the feeling of guilt really depressed me

but my really main considered reason is this new project, to compete with a shareware with no other freeware available to support the three windows systems together, to provide an alternative in a very wanted customization category is a very attractive challenge, and challenge is my love, most of my coding time is spent on this new software, the rest for Border Skin

since my main concern is for my users, i considered opening source Border Skin and make it available for another developer to develop, but i feel i am not ready for this, i know i know, not ready, what the hell that is suppose to mean, but i really don't know

I just don't want to be a kind of person that leaves something old i love for something new i also love, and to not to mention disappoint lots of people after giving them hope, i am just really distracted

so, what do u think guys ?? i really need some advice over here

anyway as an apology gift, i present u an early screen shot of this new project, which really clears what is about, i know that it is absolutely wrong to publish such photo in a very early stage, but anything for my friends and users…
yup, that's right, i finished high school, i am back to developing, oh i can't believe it, i will be a college student from now on, since i intend to specialize in computer, so developing my projects are now considered as part of my studying, yeahhhh finally, studying and developing meet at last, i've been waiting for this day for a long time

anyway, now i have two major projects, Border Skin and the other new unrevealed software yet, so i guess i should the main focus should be more the new software, of course with bug fixing Border Skin, so what do u think ??

and thanks guys for supporting me all this time :)
I am very sorry for all users for not replying on the bugs or errors they faced

i rarely log in, yeah i know, it's takes very very long time for me to put an update or something, but its school, my exams are in three weeks actually and then i am free, anyway i take notes about every comment that contain a suggestion, bug report or an error and i read all the comments, i don't ignore anything

i am planning to develop newer versions of border skin after exams, but won't have any new features, just bug fixes, stability and performance improvements

that's because i am planning for a new software in a category where there's no freeware available, (well the same thing when no one developed an aero simulator on xp, but this time, the software which i plane is not wanted for xp only), i started to work on some basics on it since a while, but need a lot of work

P.S: if u made a skin or a language file for border skin, u can submit it to the group
sorry for anyone sent me a language file on email or here, i am just so busy right now and i can't concentrate on anything other than school, please if u still interested, u can submit it to the group

thanks everybody, wish me luck
First of all, as usual, apologize for the inactivity, and for not replying any message
And thanks to all who :+fav:, :+devwatch:, gave a lama :)

It's been a while since my last activity here, well my activity here was already very weak, because of my school, and so as for my border skin development, i was checking and replying from time to time the messages here but what happened recently in Egypt, made me with no activity at all…

I can't describe the feeling when Mubarak stepped down, it was like finally, we got our country back, i don't have the words to describe these days, all i know, that from the moment i joined the protests in "Friday of Rage", i couldn't go back, i couldn't just wait months for him to step down, i couldn't bare another day of this regime, a regime that opened prisons, even the police was withdrawn from the airports, airports !!!, they used the police with the escaped prisoners to horrify the people, THE POLICE HORRIFYING THE PEOPLE, what kind of person who order that

Anyway, i don't know how to talk about the revolution, about how happy when i was in the Tahrir square seeing all these people not afraid of saying no, i simply can't talk about because i don't find any words to describe it, but stepping down was the start of the revolution, not the end, the real revolution is the start of building a new Egypt

The Power In People Is Stronger Than The People In Power
Proud To Be Egyptian :):):)

And To all Tourists from all over the world, please make Egypt your next holiday destination, tourism really really needs you all

Mohamed Kamal
Long time i didn't reply to messages here on dA or on Email, the reason is my school, so many things to do, so it is hard to keep up with dA, but i will try, i just have to say sorry for those who posted a comment or a reply and i didn't answer, SORRY
I know it's late, sorry for that

hehehehe, Happy Ramadan everyone :)

Moving to another subject, Help! :happycry:
okay, so I've been searching for TT skins, But all the skins i find is always an aero skin, And since there's aero themes for Border Skin, There's no need for others, So can u help me find non-aero TT Skins, please ?
Thanks Guys, i fixed most of the Border Skin errors, but i decided to add the TT Skin Converter, so i will release it as soon as i finish it, as for AeroBackgrounder, i will probably release it very soon, since it is very easy to develop, again thanks for your support, i hope you will like the new versions


My test are over, i will be working on all my projects,
i have so much to do about Border Skin, most of the
errors will be fixed, and many more and
for AeroBackgrounder, the compatibility with
seven will be fixed along with other issues



Hi Guys
since my exams are starting in two days (12 June), therefore i will be hardly
available on dA during it, so I've just released AeroBackgrounder 2 which
contains all the asked features, as for Border Skin, i am not sure if i will
be able to release the fix before them or not (Border Skin is way more complex
to develop than AeroBackgrounder), anyway my exams will end on 26 June, wish me luck

And Thanks for your support and encouragement
in my projects, really means a lot to me
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Thanks Guys for your replies, I am glad to see that someone care

New One :

"A defiant Israel enforced its 3-year-old blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza on Saturday, with naval commandos swiftly commandeering a Gaza-bound aid vessel carrying an Irish Nobel laureate and other activists and forcing it to head to an Israeli port instead.

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Why i am not surprised :roll:, but at least it was bloodless, amine for that :peace:
is there a way to copy a file from a deviation to another deviation? or a way to direct the download link to another deviation?
the thing is i am going to release 0.2.6 and so i will have to upload 0.2.5 again in another deviation (because i like to keep my old versions in case someone wanted to download it) and upload 0.2.6 on the main deviation
Update :
Thank you all for your magnificent comments
Border Skin 0.2.5 is now released
Get It Here…


So, After a long absence, I am going to redevelop border skin in a new,
i thought about it before and realized that why destroying border skin project while i can transform it into an effects program, by that i mean that border skin will be like a base for any effect, and each effect will be totally separated from the other (meaning that you can disable anyone without affecting the other) and users of vista and seven can enable the other effects too without having the border skinning (in case they had aero), of course I can't promise you with big effects but the most important thing that it will contain all the effects ( which means the border skinning also ) , you can expect a new version released after tomorrow, some bugs was fixed, if you remember a bug or something in border skin please post it, many bugs was fixed since the new base of effects opened new ideas for me, also the hover animation is back, you won't see be difference but it is a start

Oh and One Thing, It will contain aero snap (but its look isn't nice for now)

Mohamed Kamal
I've got two messages telling me that my deviation  was deleted

Your deviation Border Skin - Aero Glass On XP was reported for Prohibited Content. The report was reviewed by a member of the Staff and action was taken, deleting the deviation and marking the report as Resolved. Additionally, the following comment was provided:

A member of staff has reviewed this deviation and has determined that the theme itself, or one or more details present in the scene, has made the work unacceptable for submission here.

This message was generated automatically.

-- deviantART Staff


The administrator who deleted your 1 deviation added the following:

Deleted in response to case #860202

The work(s) listed below have been removed by staff due to a violation of deviantART policy or because its theme or content was judged unacceptable. Your deviantART submissions must obey certain guidelines and restrictions.

If you are uncertain why the submission was removed or if you have any questions or believe this removal to be an error please contact the deviantART Help Desk.

Title: Border Skin - Aero Glass On XP
URL: [link]
Submitted: 2009-04-18 12:03:23 am


and honestly i don't understand anything from what they saying , what is case 860202 and what is detail that made the administrator think that it is unacceptable for submission here

Update :
so i contacted an admin and he told me that it was a result of the false alert, so i left the 0.2.3 since it is not deleted yet and will make a new deviation with the new version, thank you all guys for commenting and supporting me, i am sorry guys that i don't reply but i check every comment and your comments really means soooo much to me, really


Thanks again for the support :hug:
So i am here to share with you my current progress with Glass CMD for XP and BorderSkin, but they aren't complete have many bugs and aren't ready.

so Why did i release it now when it isn't ready yet ?
i was from one of many who waited vystal, it was more than a year and it didn't come, i don't mean to say anything about the developer, i just don't want to say many thing and show you nothing, so i know about all the bugs in those versions and the uncomplete versions yet but it is still in developing, you will notice that these version will have most of the 0.3 features like the translations and the new skin structure with the ability to put any of the objects like buttons and title to any border (but not quietly configured yet) so you don't need to report any bugs or uncompleted features about it, i just wanted to share with you my progress so that you know where i got to so far

Download :
Glass CMD for XP :…
the wonderful fast blur dll "SimplyBlur.dll" is made by Giuseppe Marletta

Border Skin :…

oh and i am sorry for not reply for all those messages and notes, i will only reply in Thursdays & Fridays, the rest of the week i will only check the messages, and i think you know why, i know i am somehow overreacting but i am just really nervous this year about school
so first of all :
H A P P Y ^-^ F E A S T

i know i said i will release a new version of borderskin and glasscmd a few days ago but i am really busy, i couldn't even read the messages, anyway i will release the virus alert fix and new version of glass cmd as soon as possible, also to share my current results of border skin i am thinking of releasing a NON COMPLETE VERSION of 0.2.4, it won't have some features but you will notice a very new and fast blur

happy feast every body again
H    A    P    P    Y       ^-^       R    A    M    A    D    A    N

This is not a Border Skin version, it is just a test to see if the new window moving is working for the all computers or not, from now on, "Maximum Speed" is removed, the border doesn't lose the window in moving, with "FullBlur" or with out it (but of course "FullBlur" has a slower performance in general), in a very smooth way, no more glitching of "Maximum Speed" option, no more border dis attaching when the window is moving, also this build is a test project for me, i took it externally from 0.2.4 along time ago and tested one it, so it won't have any fix, I REPEAT IT ISNOT A FULL FIXED VERSION, it is just to show and test the new windows moving which will be with the newer test builds of 0.2.4

Download :
First this build has no difference from the 0.2.4 version except for removing the themes

anyway this build was particularity released as a "Test" to test the fix for the bug that happens for some users causes the window to jump from it's position, and also for fixing the maximization thing which had to be manually configured through "Active Windows Height", but the main reason is that 0.2.4 contains many new features which may that has been developed at the same time, which i am afraid may cause problems between each other or with old features.
anyway here's the changelog for 0.2.4

ChangeLog For Border Skin 0.2.4 :
- Add : Fully new Exclusion Manager that allows the user to add, edit and remove exclusions
- Add : MaximizedTopLeft & MaximizedTopRight images in the skin
- Add : New Aero Explorer Maximize Border which has the full look of windows 7
- Add : Option "Maximum Speed" which remove the laggy of windows movement
- Add : Option "Transparency" which enables and disables transparency with white background
- Add : "Hide MenuBar" to hide the menu bar of explorer but will be restored on exit
- Add : Word, Excel, Acces, Powerpoint, Realplayer, Windows Media Player to the list the exclusion list
- Add : Option to specify reflection opacity on inactive windows instead of hiding it at all (value from 0 to 255)
- Add : Option to determine corner and top border sizing in the skin .
- Add : a working addressbar but will have the look of vista breadcrumbs
- Add : a working refresh button
- Add : a working Down arrow button which show the list in the address bar
- Add : support for blurring borders under each other.
- Add : fade in and out animation when hovering on buttons
- Add : current skin is checked in the skins menu to determine which skin is loaded

- Changed : "Use Border Skin Title Rendering" is enabled by default
- Changed : "FullBlur" is disabled by default
- Changed : minmum requirnments to .NET Framework 2.0 but 3.5 will have better speed

- Improved : mamory usage, you will notice it in the task manager
- Improved : font when using borderskin title rendering to a better quality
- Improved : ExcludeList.ini is saved with a line between each exclusion to organize it well
- Improved : navigation buttons speed
'- Improved : all themes has corner sizing and an upgraded reflection image

- Fixed : Wronge exclusion to windows live messanger caused only the main window to be excluded
- Fixed : Maximized position and size bug had to be adjust manually from "Active Window Height"
- Fixed : Classic shutdown box doesn't show up when border skin running
- Fixed : Sizing mouse show on non sizeable borders
- Fixed : QTTabbar momentary border flicker issue
- Fixed : again misbehaving of windows position on entering moving state

And other things i might forgotten .

- Applications like window live messenger has to be add to exclusion list using the "Exclusion Manager"
- "Down Arrow" button will cause the explorer address bar width to change (resize the window and it will return to it's size )

Download the test build :
Mediafire :…
This a 7Z file, you will need 7Zip
Update : new test build, just fixed the trannsparency and the Address Bar flash,  replace the file with one in the program's folder…

All I need from you guys :
1 - Download the test
2 - report if you faced particularity any of those two bugs ( the jumping and the maximizing thing) or any bugs


BTW, i can't be online on the next two days, but your feedback would be very helpful for me
Hi All
I guess you may notices that i was unexpectedly updating BorderSkin during the last days from 0.2 to 0.2.3 and i was always focusing on the bugs, well the reason is, i will have to REALLY focus on studying this and the next year because these are the years that define my grades and by that defines college i can enter (computer science in my case), so you will notice that i won't be on deviantArt like i was before, and my developing on all my projects will decrease very much, that's why i was focusing on the bug fixes, i wanted to provide a quality release before i enter this less developing stage.

Anyway, i am preparing a final version for Glass CMD for XP with the FASTEST BLUR YOU WILL EVER SEE ON XP, and another one for Glass CMD for Vista with the icon option for hiding it

As for Border Skin, i fixed some bugs, add new options "Hide MenuBar" and "Maximum Performance Low Quality", and repairing the bugs i can find, i may be also include the search only as a BUTTON

Sorry Guys :(
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