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Glass CMD for Vista and Seven

By komalo
Glass CMD for Vista/Seven

A Small Compiled AutoIt Script that works in the background and enables aero on the background of any new cmd window

Virus Alert Issue: occurs because i use UPX compression, i won't use it in the next version, don't worry guys

Source code : [link]

How To Use :
1 - Open the exe file and it will sits in the tray
2 - Open any new cmd and aero will be applied on it

Works With :
Windows Vista 32Bits and 64Bits
Windows Seven 32Bits and 64Bits

Updates :
* Add Settings.ini File with HideTrayIcon option to hide the tray icon ( to hide it just set the value to 1 )

Updates :
*fix : running in a loop if the exe file was renamed to cmd.exe
*fix : starting in temp directory not in desktop
*changed icon to fediaFedia icon
*now it blurs any new cmd but it stays in taskbar :new:

Credits goes to fediaFedia for this Idea and also for the screenshots and beta testing

Thanks For 200+ Favorites & 18,000+ Downloads
© 2009 - 2021 komalo
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i always wanted to have a transparent cmd window as on linux, now i have it!

thank you!

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Tested this with Windows 10 - 1809 17763.253 with Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.5.10 and it works flawlessly. Snippet: https ://puu. sh/CvUL3/31dc9d9c48.png
how to change color of transparency ?
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Its works also here..Very impressive work done..
Nice Job! I really liked,
And you can make it fullscreen by type in cmd mode 200 
Nice Job!
How can i decrease the blur effect so i can read behind more clearly? Thanks!
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Very nice. Works with Windows 8 too.
Please add a date to notes like "virus alert issue", and please do the next version that won't get me into trouble at work. Thanks.
Please update to next version. 
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Thanks for this. Any way you can set an option to strip the frame? Possibly as a settings in the ini. I've seen there are ways to in C++. I have an animated batch I wanted to run in the background on my desktop.
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Very nice.  Thanks!
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works windows 8  both bits
How do I get full transparency ?
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Glassy and classy
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thx this works on windows 7 too
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do you have something for windos8?
I hope you can make it work for W8 =)
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how do you open an au3
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