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October 15, 2010
the suggester said: "eversince the release of windows' first Vista beta versions a lot has been tried to reproduce its transparency/blur effect in windows XP. there have been quite a few projects with just as many supporting believers. "Vystal" (hot air and nothing much to it), "Fast Aero" (abandoned by the original developer and only insufficiently supported since then), "True Transparency" (quite nice and stable and yet inferior in terms of blur effects).
..and then there is Border Skin - Aero Glass On XP by ~komalo, which finally manages to deliver what others have promised. it's like a dream come true and although it is meant to be used on a dying operating system (XP), it also works on Vista and Win7 to spice up the default theme a little."

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Suggested by PeterRollar
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BorderSkin 0.3 - Aero Glass On XP/7/8

Border Skin
Border Skin is a free portable software to skin the windows borders by skins composed of png images with the support of several features like Blur, Reflection and Aero Explorer, it supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

Mohamed Kamaly



Works on: XP/Vista/7/8
.Net Framework 3.5 Or Higher :…
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 :…

Source Code
current development:…



the first unreleased autoit version:…

Change Log (0.3)
* BorderSkin is now open source

* BorderSkin is now written in C#
* support skinning both 32bit and 64bit at the same time * extracted "WindowsHook", "LayeredForms" and "WinApiWrappers" as seperate component that can be used in other projects * support win7 and win8, regardless of whether DWM (Aero) is enabled, When it is enabled with transparency, BorderSkin will use the Aero's blur, however if transparency is disabled BorderSkin will manually blur the background. * New better looking blur * Default theme has been changed to Sharp 2.1 by , but will still have the Aero theme * add all submitted language files by default to BorderSkin (Chineese, Vietnamese, Français, Dutch 1, Deutsch 2) * temporary unavailable features * menu show when down arrow in explorer is temporary unavailable for this verison (but auto complete still work) * text not get truncated and ends with ellipses when width of window is less than width of text * "Transparency" option in BorderSkin is enabled by default and can't be changed

How To Install
Extract the zip file and you are done

How To Uninstall
1 - Make sure that run at startup option is not enabled, if it is enabled, disable it .
2 - Simply delete the folder that contains the program data

Other Versions

Language Files

Normal Skins:…
Explorer Skins:…
Incompatible Skins:…
- Please, if you made a Border Skin theme, put it in the group, and please
specify what Border Skin version that works with the skin in the description.

For More Border Skin Resources:

VERY VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO </b>Rahul Das RDTSOD for his amazing theme Sharp 2.1 which I am happy to include as the default theme for the 0.3, Sharp 2.1 can be download separately here:….

BorderSkin is now released under MIT License.
© 2009 - 2022 komalo
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pls fix on win10