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BorderSkin 0.2.9
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Published: August 8, 2010
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Known Bugs
- using QTTabBar, explorer is not closed when clicking the close button
- full screen windows is not supported yet
- run dialogue hang bug

Important Notes
- To use the hide menu bar on xp or hide address on vista/7, you must put the bar at the top of the explorer toolbars layout
- QTTabBar navigation is not supported by the aero explorer navigation buttons
- sometimes when dragging an object to a window on task bar, the window isn't activated, caused by windows and cannot be fixed
- Border Skin can't work with LiteStep, i will try to contact LiteStep developers in order to overcome this problem

- AeroSnap again, with mulitmoniters support, but not very usable, u can try it for fun
- TrueTransparency Skins Converter is back, but due to differnces in the skin structure,
there still has some problems with the buttons and the blur content
- ability to include a window with a specified skin or use the current skin (exclusion can too)
- ActiveColor and InActiveColor options in color schemes
- new method to hide the menu bar on xp, and addressbar on vista/sevent, faster and more stable, and doesn't affect the layout of the toolbars
- cursor is converted to I Beam when hovering on search button
- speed the change of color scheme
- auto apply for all inclusion and exclusion settings (adding, editing and removing)
- added support for right and left alignments breadcrumbs
- fully new performance improvements, an increase in the speed of moving windows, and decrease in window lag
- auto complete list for files/folders when typing in the addressbar
- drop down list for files/folders when clicking Down Arrow button
- new improvements in text rendering quality
- breadcrumbs menu when clicking on a breadcrumb button but still has some bugs
- real recent visted button but still has some bugs
- new detection method when a proccess close, much better and more stable
- new method for maskout color images

Fixed (Some bugs may appear again, please report these bugs)
- an error is raised when switching users, or when the computer is locked
- reflection option error
- squares appears instead of text on some languages like japanese and arabic
- the windows menu was still appearing on left when icon alignment is right,
- on restoring the border of a window was maximized then minimized, it is not correctly position
- finally, the correct method for positioning reflection image when going out of screen (it was moving a little bit when moving out of screen)
- windows list shows an incorrect icon of windows in exclude or include dialogue
- some windows borders are removed but are not skinned
- when clicking minimize button, sometimes the window still have focus even when minimized
- no class name is shown when excluding or including a window
- explorer skinning was deactive on some systems (because of the "no class name" bug)
- inacurate measuring of text width, which leads to showing wrong width of some breadcrumb buttons or titlebar background
- maximized border weren't not updated correctly problem when hovering in same time clicking maximize
- maximized positioning bugs, with a fully new maximize detection method and support multi monitors
- CCleaner and IE are not skinned
- real border appear on resizing to a very small size
- the inacurate calculations of text width, which causes glow out of text and other bugs
- the ram usage is increased very much
- when maximizng, restoring the taskbar, the window is frozen for a while
- an error when closing window sometimes
- removed the 2 pixel that were added in maximized windows
- fixed error on closing Border Skin and there was a skinned explorer window
- positioning of text in buttons when using another language in settings window
- bugs when applying normal and explorer skins
- Classic Shutdown disappear on some systems
- crash on opening vistart settings window
- if explorer was active, then another window is activated, and then explorer is activated again, the folders list won't have keyborad focus
- hide menu doesn't hide windows flag
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