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Border Skin 0.2.8

Outdated Version
This an outdated version, if you found this version in the main deviation, this means i am preparing for a version update, please be patient until i complete updating it
Main Deviation: [link]


Comparability Issues
- For Japanese Text Problem : Change the font in the skin you use to a font support that Japanese
- QTTabBar navigation is not supported by the aero explorer navigation buttons
- With Blur Enabled, Explorer Skinning with Styler may cause performance decrease, it's recommended to disable one of them
- sometimes when dragging an object to a window on task bar, the window isn't activated, caused by windows and cannot be fixed

Bugs Reported
- Internet explorer and CCleaner are not skinned
- glow get's out of text when resizing
- increasing of ram usage because of .net framework
- program doesn't startup due to Reflection Speed
- There's an error caused by the "Reflection Speed" option, for a quick fix
1 - Open "Settings.ini" file
2 - Change the "ReflectionSpeed" value to 1
Thanks for thinhhoang [link] for finding this solution [link]
- missing disabled state in some buttons
- some users: closing the window from close button raises an error
- some users: shutdown box problem

Change Log
- Icon & title maximized position in "Aero" theme
- Startup is now added by shortcut in "Startup" folder in "Start Menu" to easily remove it
- the glow of title background picture of text is decreased (using an image from Okeimo Skin [link])

- Automatic windows restore is back again with more stability
- new better and smoother hover animation
- add fully working address bar with also breadcrumbs background when hovering in and out
- options to change search box text and background color (and also in the address bar)
- automatically delete the search string when starting search box if it was "Search"
- text box now uses the italic font of the font selected in the skin for more aero explorer look
- add ability to choose bold and italic for the font in any skin
- recent visited button works now as"Up" button
- [Info] section in the skin and language files to identify author and website
- "Reflection Speed" to control speed of reflection movement with window
- two options to increase performance and speed :
- "Disable blur on Move/Size" option which allows you to disable blur on all borders when moving/sizing
- "Disable full blur on Move/Size" option which allows you to disable blur on side borders when moving/sizing
- folder name is added next to "Search" text for more seven look (like : "Search My Computer")
- an option to hide address bar of real explorer (on vista/seven with explorer skinning enabled only)
- add inclusion list (ability to skin only included windows)
- ability to enable explorer skinning only without the rest of the applications
- fully new settings window and exclusion dialog window

- maximize color was not applied on maximized window
- double click maximize on any window whether it is sizable or not
- the application didn't run on vista due to UAC problems
- title background image width is not configured correctly in big titles
- an error in explorer when navigating to another folder and then hover on a breadcumb button
- search button was not correctly position except when resizing explorer window
- recent visited button is enabled even if it can't navigate "Up" anymore
- sometimes window is shown with out borders (like "Create New Connection" in "Network Connections")
- search text is not updated directly in the top border after finishing search
- sometimes the window is not focused correctly on activation
- error raised when hovering on breadcrumb buttons
- text is not smooth on ClearType enabled
- a bug caused some slow loading of skin
- a bug caused some aero borders to be disabled when activating it
- when transparency is disabled, color's alpha value is set to zero, but that shows wrong color, so a white background is added instead which shows a

more correct color
- exclusion list used to be case sensitive (ex: "notepad" &"Notepad" weren't the same in the exclude list)
- error raised when some windows closed
- error caused performance decrease when navigating between folders in explorer

Fixed But Needs Confirmation
- one of the main reasons for the delay is to find an absolute stable method for maximizing, fully new methods is now used to handle maximized window and to fully support multiscreens, so please i need confirm from all users that the maximize is now fully stable on normal and multiscreens
- Explorer Close Button doesn't close the window
- anti-virus false alert bug
- MaskOut Images overrides colors the edges .
- error when closing some windows is closed, but it's border still appear
- sometimes long titles has more glow width
- error raised when opening Windows Live Messenger, it is now completely excluded to avoid it
- error raised on navigating
- "The requested resource is in use" error

AeroSnap ( will be back, isn't stable now )
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