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Border Skin 0.2.7
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Published: May 28, 2010
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Outdated Version
This an outdated version, if you found this version in the main deviation, this means i am preparing for a version update, please be patient until i complete updating it

Bug Reports, Comments & :+fav:s In Border Skin Main Deviation


Change Log
- All aero colors as color schemes in "Aero" and "Aero (Explorered)" themes.
- search functionality (but just selects the file like ViSplore search).
To use the search just type the search string, press enter and
It will select the file with name starts with the search string.
- add "Recent Visited" button (the button next to navigations) but not functional yet.
- new organization for settings dialogue and exclusion manager ( only for better view but not the final design)
- Hover Animation IS BACK.

- navigate buttons had some ugly white points around it
- breadcrumbs buttons overlaps the edges if the window is smaller
- breadcrumbs buttons has wrong position on Maximize/Restore
- buttons positions are changed on maximize to the right a little bit
- breadcrumbs shows only the current folder name on open
- the background of title bar overlays the buttons to the edges
- bug caused performance decrease on reflection enabled
- bug caused performance decrease on navigation, sizing and moving in explorer only
- some settings option wasn't saved.
- border update when mouse leave border even if no button is hovered
- error cause border skin to crash when switching users
- "Down Arrow" and "Refresh" buttons background
- an error occurs when changing themes

Fixed But Need Confirmation
Bugs reported by certain users and the fix needs to be confirmed by them
- maximized window left position in multiscreens
- border reappear when restoring Firefox from minimizing to maximizing

Fix Confirmed
- error when window's icon change
- when starting windows explorer maximized, position is not correctly configured on xp
- shutdown box problem
- settings dialogue labels sometimes are cut on some systems

Fix Failed
- maskout images still deletes the edges of the window
if you experience this bug then delete the maskout images in the folder "Borders" all skins, and it will gone

Known Bugs
- Navigation problem with QTTabBar
- Full screen windows is not supported
- Aero borders of some .net framework programs window is not closed
- Sometimes the window is not activated when dragging an object to the taskbar
- false alert with some anti-viruses

Reported Bugs
- crash on opening Windows live messenger.
Fix :
1 - Open "ExcludeList.ini"
2 - Delete this line "Classes=IMWindowClass,DUIDialog,MSBLWindow

- maximized text color of windows is not applied
- Exclusion manager doesn't work correctly
Temp Way: You can exclude by using the following sample with changing it's data and add it into ExcludeList.ini file by Notepad
[Program name]
Process = Program Exe name without ".exe"
Classes = Program Classes Seperated by "," [Optional]
Skin = specify a skin only for this application [Optional]
ColorScheme = specify a color scheme for the skin chosen [Optional]
Skined = Identify if this program is skinned by the skin specified (value = True) or ignored from skinning (value = False)

Still from 0.2.5 until now, Automatic border restore : caused the real window borders to reappear sometime
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