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Border Skin 0.2.6



Outdated Version
This an outdated version, if you found this version in the main deviation, this means i am preparing for a version update, please be patient until i complete updating it

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Change Log
- Error manger with an error dialogue interface to handle and view errors.
- MaskOut images for high quality and redefined edges (since using color scheme and blur was making a box on the edge).
- Task Manager to the exclusion list due a problem with the new maximize position fix and for the user to be able to terminate border skin process if it hang
- new section in skin structure "Font" to identify font used by all skin ( including breadcrumbs )
- Breadcrumbs in Explorer skins, but it only works as buttons

- Support problems on some systems.
- Reflection is extended to the shadows.
- Part of window's border still appeared on vista.
- Title was transparent on using fonts other than Segoe UI (like on mac skin).
- Color scheme list doesn't show current scheme.
- blur was still rendered even when transparency is turned off
- window is not restored when double click on maximized window
- BorderSkinning, Explorer skinning and AeroSnap options were not saved
- borders appear on maximized windows
- Maximize position Problem
- window can be resized even if it was non sizable
- wrong position of help button in "Aero" skin
- hang when some dialogues is shown or closed
- the disabled state of navigation images had background (over the background that exists in top border)
- explorer buttons position of maximized skin
- title is rendered badly when using cleartype font
- title is transparent on some skins (like mac skin)
- restore button was not shown on maximized window
- restore button configuration in all skins
- help button configuration in all skins
- bottom left stretch incorrect value
- windows with no size box has wrong position on vista

These features will be back as soon as i fix their issues
- Automatic restore : caused the real window borders to reappear sometime
- Hover animation : caused some problems with breadcrumbs

Known Bugs
full screen windows is not supported
navigation problem with QBar
sometimes window is not shown when draging an object onto it in the task bar
when starting windows explorer maximized, it is not correctly configured
settings dialogue labels sometimes are cut

Bugs Reported
- Color scheme delete the edges ( you can delete or rename the maskout images in any skin forlder and it will react as normal again until i find a solution)
- breadcrumbs buttons overlaps the edges if the window is smaller
- breadcrumbs buttons has wrong position on Maximize/Restore
- explorer is sometimes not closed when clicking the close button (in explorer only)
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