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Ch499 Tango

Cuddle Puddle

Learning to Skate

Flight to Moscow

YoI NAD Cover

Slow Dance

Ch 397: Japanese Nationals EX Pt03

Ch 397: Japanese Nationals EX Pt02

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RorenKodokuHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Russia is here :3 
Thank you for Redux. I found this comics with russian translation and loved it so much that I started searching for any of your profiles in the internet, and finally found you on DALa la la la Thank you for all of this difficult work you've done! And thank you for all your arts - they are adorable!
Best wishes!
moontiger5Hobbyist Writer
Greetings from long ago and far away. Ms. Rip. I lament I was too late in providing support for your Eidolon project. which I just finished binge-reading over on smackjeeves. It was delicious, by the way, but ... like all things, it came to an end. But it was gnashing crunching delectable. Er... I haven't changed in my taste for gore.

I have heard of Yuri on Ice, and it looks beautiful, something like attending the opera, something more for my Kitten's palate than mine. But I'm certainly not at all averse to a small taste. 

Break a leg, Ms. Rip.
KoltirasRipHobbyist Digital Artist
I thought you stopped checking because we got into an argument back during the Redux days about something I can't remember.  But, thanks.
moontiger5Hobbyist Writer
Oh no, Ms. Rip, I never stopped checking every so often, merely interacting, because you were so sensitive about the Manga That Shall Not Be Named. I didn't want to name it either, but was also hanging out with people who were, so it was less an argument than myself retreating before there could be one.

Real life was more the culprit of the rest of my disappearance. I have no feline companions any longer in my life, with Queen Amidala and Lord Macbeth having passed on, and Lord Anakin needing to be re-homed when my father became unable to have nonhuman companions because of health issues. But I was there, following the enthralling adventures recorded in Eidolon.

Like I said, I remain a gorehound, but I can appreciate the fine arts, which is what Yuri on Ice appeals to. My Kitten made me aware of this series, which came into her radar as she progresses in her studies of ... well, the fine arts :)

If you are still holding streams of your art, I would love joining again, if you would have me.
KoltirasRipHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so sorry to hear about your critters' passing.  Mine are still holding on, though the eldest is on medications now to keep her comfortable.

As for the livestreams, I actually can't get a program to work anymore.  It crashes or other people can't see anything, or it slows my PC so badly that I can'd draw at all.  I'm not sure what the problem is.  I gave up looking for solutions some time ago though due to lack of participants.
NaitachhalHobbyist Traditional Artist
Your name, hm. Do u like WoW? :)
KoltirasRipHobbyist Digital Artist
Yup.  Haven't played since Cata though.  That patch that went in that destroyed the talent trees and gave Paladins 'Holy Power' also nuked my DW Frost DK's DPS.  The tanks were doing more damage than me.  I was suuuuuper pissed.  Now I just don't have a PC that can run the current game so I just watch videos about what's going on instead.