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Daily Paint #2067. Bunfire by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #2067. Bunfire :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,642 100 Waitress Layla p3 by Marrazan
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RE Oc: Dr. Cathrin Jacobson aka Ravage
This is my new Resident Evil oc Dr. Cathrin Martha Jacobson aka Ravage. Dr. Jacobson created a new virus for Umbrella called the Jurassic Virus. It's a combination dinosaur, reptilian and amphibious DNA. She even tested the virus on herself and it did work, to her knowledge.  The subject has to be under extreme moments of anger and stress. Cathrin has always be bullied through her life until she  injected the Jurassic Virus, she was able to get the revenge she's always wanted. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D
Susana Touch Up
I though I would give Susana a wee bit of a touch up. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D
DP: The Time is Nearing
I'm nine weeks pregnant in this pic. I've ordered stuff for a Home Birth kit. As I was in my room putting the kit together, I've felt a false contraction hit on and off. The time was defiantly getting nearer. I just hope Vlad will be a good doctor and get me though this. Hope I look good. Enjoy :D
Preggo Beach Babe Nevaeh
I'll be doing more Preggo Beach Babes. This is Nevaeh, from South America who loves to chill and not do much. She's only going to get bigger. We have many lounge chair at Preggp Beach Babe Beach. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D
Preggo Beach Babe Breckyn
Breckyn is a punk rocker who's on a very long maternity leave from her tour. She loves to party, belly and boob rubs and hanging 10. Of course the other preggo beach babes have to keep an eye on her. Breckyn is still growing. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D
    Faine Bloodletter is a vampire. She wasn't mean or blood thirsty. Faine was sweet and gentle as well as sensitive. Faine's parents were never really around, so Faine was raised by a nanny, who knew what she was. Faine simply called her Nana. Nana taught Faine how to act properly to others, how to act lady-like, how to cook and clean, how to sing and dance and how to play piano. At one point in time, Faine had a pet cat named Moonlight due to his white and grey coat. Faine loved Moonlight very much. Until one day he ran away. "Moonlight's gone Nana." cried Faine. "It'll be okay honey. He'll be safe and sound." ensured Nana. "Really?" replied Faine. "I'm sure." replied Nana. Faine cheered up. When Faine tured 18, Nana passed away from natural causes. "I'll make you proud Nana." said Faine. She made sure to practice everything Nana taught her. The 16th century was quiet dangerous for Faine. She was born on August, 12th, 1600. Faine mostly stayed in her castle to keep practicing and working on her skills.

    Many years have passed and Faine hasn't change much in appearance, she still looks like a 18 to 21 year-old. Now it's the 1800s and Faine still had to be careful. Faine made sure to hide her face and ears and keep her hat at a tilt. Faine one day decided to do a little browsing in town. Count Viscardi had the same idea. Both Faine and Viscardi used umbrellas to shield them from the sun. Their paths would cross that day. Faine pasted a clothing store that was displaying a beautiful red and black dress that came with fingerless gloves. There was also a pair of shiny red and black high heels on the side.. Faine just took quick glances inside the stores. Count Viscardi was doing the same thing until he saw Faine for the first time. Faine went into a bookstore. Faine loved writing stories and poems as much as loves reading them. Faine was in there for an hour and a half. Count Viscardi made his way over and waited. Faine left the bookstore and that's when Count Viscardi made his move.

    He "accidently" bumped into Faine. Faine dropped her two new books. "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking were I was going." said Faine. "What are you apologizing for, it was my fault my dear lady." replied Count Viscardi. He handed Faine her book. Thank you sir. "said Faine. "Your welcome miss. Have a nice day" replied Count Viscardi. "You too." replied Faine. She rushed home, not knowing that she's being followed. "Home sweet home." said Faine. Se entered her home. Faine took off her hat, put her umbrella away and fixed her hair. "Much better." said Faine. Count Viscardi tried to stealthy watch Faine through the window. That's when Count Viscardi decided to make his move. He knocked on Faine's door. Faine got her protection. Faine opened the door. "May I help you sir?" asked Faine. "You don't have to hide from me my fair lady." replied Count Viscardi. Fain put away her hat and fixed her hair.. Count Viscardi finally got to see Faine's true beauty. 

    Back at town earlier, Count Viscardi saw the titles of Faine's books. "May I come in?" asked Count Viscardi. "Yes you may." replied Faine. Count Viscardi entered Faine's castle. She shut the door. "I've notice your a woman of words." complimented Count Viscardi. "Uh, thank you." replied Faine. "I'm Count Viscardi, but you can call me Count. Who might you be?" said Count Viscardi. "I'm Faine Bloodletter, but you can call me Faine." replied Faine. "Faine, such a beautiful name for a lovely creature." replied Count Viscardi. "Why thank you Count." replied Faine as she blushed. "So Faine, are you seeing anyone?" asked Count Viscardi. "No, I'm still single." replied Faine happily. "I was hoping you could join me tonight, so we can get to know each other." replied Count Viscardi. 
"Sounds perfect to me. What time?" replied Faine. "How does 7:30 sound?" replied Count Viscardi. "Sounds good to me Count." replied Faine. "See you tonight my fair lady." replied Count Viscardi. "Okay, see you tonight." replied Faine.

    Count Viscardi gave Faine's hand another kiss before he left. Faine felt a sensation she's never felt before a man, that sensation was love. Faine went to her closet to find something to wear tonight. "Hmm, this should be fine." said Faine. As the time approached, Faine headed over to Count Viscardi's castle a little early. Count Viscardi was getting the mood set up just right. His butler answered the door and let Faine in. "Sir, Miss Bloodletter is here to see you." said Jenkins. "Please, call me Faine." replied Faine. Faine was awe strucked of what she saw. "I'll leave the two of you alone." said Jenkins. "Thank you Jenkins." replied Count Viscardi. "Your welcome sir." replied Jenkins before he left. Count Viscardi pulled out the chair for Faine then pushed her in beforehe sat down, Count Viscardi grabbed Faine's hand and gently petted it. "So Faine, tell me everything about you." said Count Viscardi. "Well, if you insist." replied Faine. "I do." replied Count Viscardi. Faine started from the beginning to the present. Count Viscardi could relate a lot to Faine. "I understand your paine Faine, I really do." said Count Viscardi. "It feels nice to talk to someone who can relate to you." replied Faine. "It sure does my poetic beauty." replied Count Viscardi. "I can't wait to read some fantastic work Faine." added Count Viscardi. Faine blushed and laughed in response. "Oh Count, your encourage-able." replied Faine. The more they chatted and being with each other, the more they realized they loved each other. Soon they would become a sweet and cute couple. They would spend time with each other. They would also give each other their space that way they're not at each other's throats.

    One day, they were suppose to go out for a date, but Count Viscardi caught a cold and is not allowed to go anywhere for a while. Faine came over to take care of her sick boyfriend. "Aww, my poor sick baby." said Faine. "*contingently* Hey babe." replied Count Viscardi. "You sound congested sweetie." replied Faine. Before Count Viscardi could say another word, Faine put a finger on his mouth. "Sshhh, don't say another word. Let's not aggervate your throat now. I'll make you a cup of tea with lemon and honey." said Faine. Count Viscardi nodded yes. "Try to get some sleep until I come back sweetie bat." said Faine. Count Viscardi nodded yes. Faine left to make her boyfriend a cup of herbal tea with lemon and honey. It didn't take Faine very long. "Here you go my poor sick baby." said Faine as she handed Count Viscardi the cup of tea. As he drank his cup of tea, Faine was rubbing his shoulders. Faine had a warm and gentle smile. She also made sure that Count took his medicine and put herbal rub on his chest so he can breathe.    

    Faine stayed them until he felt better. She manage to cut down the recovery process in half. "Thanks for all your help babe. Your so caring." said Count Viscardi. "Anything for you darling. Also, thanks." replied Faine. "Your welcome darling." replied Count Viscardi. Next week a painter came over to Count Vicardi's castle to make a portrait of him and Faine together, two portriats. One for him and one for Faine. Count Viscardi and Faine were wearing their finest clothes. The painter took sometime working on the portriats. After they were done, Count Viscardi sent one over to Faine's castle. "I love you Faine my darling." said Count Viscardi. "I love you too my sweet." replied Faine. They kissed each other passionately. Both of them had their portraits hung up in a hallway for everyone would see it. Faine felt so happy and loved. 

    Ten years have passed since they've been dating. Count Viscardi thought it was time to make Faine his bride. He sent Faine a gift a gift with a note saying "Don't open it now, wait until the perfect time." Count Viscardi had an engagement ring custom made for Faine. Faine was asking men around town on gift ideas to get for her boyfriend. Count Viscardi saw Faine and what see was doing. He though Faine was cheating on him. He carefully made his way back home. That's when Count Viscardi bumped into a mortal woman named Veronica. Count Viscardi was smitten-ed by Veronica. "Why hello my fair lady. Why don;t you come with me to my castle so we can chat." said Count Viscardi. "Sure." replied Veronica. Later that night, Faine got her and Count Viscardi's gift ready and headed over. Faine was defiantly was gonna get a "special" surprise. Faine knocked on the door. Jenkins answered the door. Normally Count Viscardi would've answered the door. "Hi Jenkins, where's Count?" said Faine.

    Jenkins couldn't tell Faine, so he fibbed. "Getting ready Faine." replied Jenkins. "Okay, I'll just wait in the living room then." replied Faine. "Follow me please." replied Jenkins. "Sure thing." replied Faine. Jenkins led Faine to the living room. Faine was holding onto a small wrapped box which had a note attached to it. Faine waited for a while when she decided to search Count Viscardi. Faine wasn't prepared for the shock she was about to get. Faine passed a door when she heard Count Viscardi and a woman laughing and kissing. "Are you sure about this Viscadi?" asked Veronica. "Oh I'm sure my pet." replied Count Viscardi. Faine opened up the door and let out a gasp. "Faine, how nice to see you," said Count Viscardi. "You cheating bastard!" cried Faine. "I'm cheating, I saw you earlier today flirting with other men." replied Count Viscardi. "Only to figure out a gift for you." cried Faine. "Faine sweetie...." started Count Viscardi. "It's Faine Bloodletter. It's over you psycho jerk!!" exclaimed Faine.

    She threw the gift at Count Viscardi the ran back home as she cried the whole way home. Count Viscardi opened up his gift. It was a golden heart-shaped picture frame with a picture of them. The note said how much Faine loved him and how important he was to her. "What....have I done?" asked Count Viscardi. "You've cheated on your girlfriend. What you'd expect?" replied Veronica. "Ten years we've been together. I was going to propose to her tonight." replied Count Viscardi. "Well, you blew that up pretty bad. Too bad, she would've made a perfect wife. Oh well." replied Veronica. "Not helping Veronica." replied Count Viscardi. "Just saying." replied Veronica. When Faine arrived home, she put everything away from Count Viscardi in the attic and covered up the portrait of her and Count Viscardi. She couldn't believe after ten years of hard work, he stabs he in the back and heart. Faine went to her coffin and went to sleep for many years.

    Well, after she wrote a long heart-broken poem first. Faine got her coffin ready and went into a dep sleep/ The cast;e was magic, the castle disappeared.Count Viscardi  sent his gift to Faine earlier that day.He was going to apologize and try to get back with Fiane. But, her and her castle were gone. "I'm so sorry Faine." said Count Viscardi softly. He went into a deep sleep just like Faine did, after he made love to Veronica. Faine would wake up after a certain amount of time. Faine developed two fears Autophobia and Monophobia (fear of being abandoned and fear of being alone). Faine woke up in the year of 1980s. It was a groovy decade. She managed to find an current outfit. But, history would repeat itself. Faine would meet a guy, fall in love and get her heartbroken. Faine went back into a deep sleep. Many years pasted. It's now 2018, Faine woke up to an surprise. There was a married couple who modernized her castle and moved in. Faine explored the castle and found the married couple. "What are you doing in my castle?" asked Faine. The couple turned around. The woman checked the mirror, there was no reflection. The freaked out and ran without looking back. "Wel. I guess it's just me then." said Faine

    She entered their bedroom and checked out their stuff. The woman had a picture of a hairstyle and an outfit laid on top of the bed. Faine changed her clothes into the outfit that was on the bed and did her hair like the picture. Faine looked at herslef and felt new and lovely. "A nice change always feels nice." said Faine. A new start was beginning for Faine. Many new adventures wait for Faine in the future.



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