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The Monster Alphabet

A sprite sheet showing some of the monsters for our(mine and Vashon's) upcoming game: Inky Devil!
This was drawn by Vashon ([link] < his gallery on dA), not me. But he let me upload it so be sure to check my gallery often cos I'll be uploading more and more stuff from the game.

Also, here's a link to my journal entry, where i put some info on the game: [link]
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cant wait for the release of the game bruh
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I'm glad you posted it. It was pretty cool artwork, Kolo-san.
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this is somewhat similar to the unknowns in pokemon.
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Well only in the concept of using the shape of letters of the alphabet....Lolz, look at them again, they're totally different :D
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i know i just thought u might of got the idea from them
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THis is really cool!
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Thanks, thanks alot! He really is an awesome artist :D DA BEST!
Also, if you want some more info on the game make sure to check out my journal soon because i'm writing out the info there soon :D
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