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Sephiroth - Planet Corruption

Who is Sephiroth? Hehe anybody have played FF7 or seen Advent children would know. He is the most powerful and beautiful boss in video games ever! (least to me :P) Sephiroth is dominant, powerful, yet elegant, well-mannered. He speaks of things so calmly yet it gives us such pressure, makes you afraid of him but still attracted to his unspoken charm. Don't know about anyone else, but he is the only boss that i dont might losing too. It's almost like that's the way it's supposed to be, because i believe in that dark power of his, and enjoys getting slashed by him (lol!).
He's also suuuuch a beautiful character, tall, slim yet built. The long silver hair can take your breathe away and gorgeous pair of green/blue/aqua eyes. He gives the image of black and grey most of times, because he is an angel of death, when he is around, there will be no life left on the planet.
So i did this print, showing Sephiroth holding a corrupted earth, leading it to its death. Colours being mostly black and grey, only with a tint od aqua.
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