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Beneath a Gray Sky
It seems to me that even the trees seem to bellow a saddened melody as the wind blows through them. Of memories long since passed and ages that we wont get back. Life goes on until it stops us in our tracks. There's no recourse or remorse. We are all dust on the breeze floating to whichever way it blows us. Wont you come and sit with me and help make a lasting memory. So that I can finally have some peace now. I have leapt into the world and came up short and I look up to the sky and see nothing. Darkness has consumed my soul but its not angry or even worn its just a saddened and empty hole now. I have lost and I have mourned and still I remain alive wont you help me? In the final hours of my life I don't want to watch time go by I just want some peace of mind now. So as I close my eyes tonight i'll try to let this cloud go by and let go of yesterday. To try to aim for a brighter day were things just might seem okay. And if I stumble if I fall i'll attempt to catch myself slipping. But
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Painting Worlds
The painting was nearing its completion and he felt as though everything was in place. The mood was cheerful and not like most of his more dreary works. It was a wondrous site to behold. A tiny patch of clearing surrounded by the glow of the sun and bathed in the shadow of the tree covered forest. With such greens and reds and yellows. It beautifully painted a scene of bliss. The last bit of crimson red was applied and the painting was finally complete. He had hung it on the wall beside the others. Incredibly proud of this one. He had even gone so far as to make a frame specifically for "his forest".
But there was still much to do and he wasn't quite ready for the journey that spread out before him on his canvas. With that he lifted the book and held his sigil high above it. Gazing mystically at the painting he began chanting in a low rhythmic tone. Never taking his eyes off of his work. Slowly the painting started splashing and churning like waves and ripples on a beach. He started re
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He was brought forth into this world through excruciating pain. Sent from neither heaven nor hell. No amount of anesthetic could quell the creatures woes. It had known only misery in those early minutes of its life. Strapped to a board and committed to multiple convulsions through the electricity coursing through its body. Its creator looking on as it was brought down into the pool. It saw no amount of joy nor shock in his face. Only an anguish that it could only perceive as a disappointing failure. Scrapped and let out like a dog into the rain. The creature had to hide its disfigured face. It could not read nor speak. And had no social contact beyond the creator which bore it. Fear begot fear and it hid ever more in the dark. Picking up books and the like to quench its thirst of the knowledge it sought. Soon it became clear this beast, this horrific entity was quite intelligent. Were the mad doctor failed at presenting it with fair features, he had given it a consciousness and a wonderful memory. It delved ever deeper into the stories of that day. Continuously yearning for it. Soon its teachings had brought it to the home of a wealthy pharmaceutical investor. His knowledge of chemistry and botany played quite the roll in establishing himself within the confines of the businessman's home. Within his walls he toiled endlessly and worked heedlessly for days. Creating new elixirs that could cure ailments and better mankind. But once again he stuck to the shadows. He was not envious of people and their inability to see past the skin and tissue. It gave him peace and allowed him to be more intimate with man more than most could ever be. His products helped cure them and in doing so cured his heart of its aching woes. He did however garner a small trusting group of friends. Whom he delighted in conversing in the evening hours about different medicines and the daily changes of the era. Eventually his scars and wounds on his face and body healed considerably. And he finally showed himself to the public who only saw him as the shadow of the mastermind who could cure all wounds.

    It wasn't easy parting ways with his associate who had allowed him room and board for nearly a decade. But he felt a certain yearning to see the world. For it had been given back to him and he felt obligated to seek it out. New endeavors allured him along his travels. The first aeroplane, which was simply a large cumbersome assortment of boards attached to a ships propeller with an immensely huge engine in the back. He had talked to the Nort brothers about the concept and had mentioned perhaps adding two smaller engines on 2 separate wings with propellers on each wing and a prototype turbo used for better propulsion. He had also mentioned adding a type of rudder system. But instead of it being vertical it would be horizontal. Allowing for better direction and lift. He and the Nort brothers went into business creating their newly made designs improving them were need be and finally bringing them into production. It was quite the sight for those days. For no one had ever thought a wingless man could fly. But Mr. Pracht, as the creature went by now had foreseen, if a being of intelligence can dream it they most certainly can and will do it.

    On his voyage across the great sea he made note of the unusual architecture of many of the small islands. How they withstood natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes, and all other of the like. And how fascinating the people of the islands knew so much but were completely cut off from what appeared to be the entire outside world. Stranded as he had been in a bleak state however self-aware they may have been. But they were happy in their self styled seclusion. Able to perfect their own inventions. Such as a way to plant and cultivate crops without having to do any of the labor themselves. They had also managed to fashion a sort of irrigation system, utilizing the salt water surrounding them. Not all islands had such technology but those that did flourished. But they were not a stingy bunch and shared in their prosperity with neighboring isles. He would later write about the amazing empathy, comradery, and ingenuity in his book: A quaint detailing of the ingenuity of the peoples of the Palageian sea. Which mind you was a best seller at the time of its release.

    The man whom no one saw as a creature nor even remembered him being such for quite some time became an extraordinary gentleman. Granted many praise, and honorary titles throughout his invested time. But unlike most of his compatriots he himself had defied death and the passage of time. He did not age like all other forms of life. Paintings and literature depicting his likeness always cast him in the same tone. A pale, fragile man with round bulging eyes, whose smile could frighten a child but whose kindness could capture an entire civilizations heart for eternity.

    One hundred and seventy three years had gone by since the date of his awakening. And he yearned for home. He knew his creator had long since passed as did his friend the businessman and of course the Nort brothers. But still he wished to see a country he himself acknowledged was the place of his birth. So he traveled aboard the S.S. Briarboldt and made sail toward former shores. To a land rich in culture and all the wonders of the natural world. Burdened by fate but still pining for warmth. To finally be accepted after all those years of lurking in others shadows. He was coming home at last.

    Mr. Pracht met with the Primier of Roth. And ventured to his place of birth and to his home in birdenwoodshire. To the old shop were he and the Nort's had fashioned the first workable aeroplane. And to his laboratory in Faan. Were he had discovered a rather peculiar device. With a note stating how to use it and its exact purpose. He turned it on facing a dark white board. And the projector pulled up fascinating moving images. Completely astonishing pictures that captured the very mood of its creator. It was the businessman his friend Mr. Tos speaking to him as if he was in the room with him at that very moment. But he was not alone the Nort brothers were also there along with his "father". Who had come to see the error of his ways and meant a death bed apology to his forsaken creation his only son. They all waved and made merry and talked as if things never changed. But most important to Mr. Pracht they reminded him that he was never alone and had all the family in the world. They were thinking of him and rooting for him on whatever quest he sought. And they waited for him to come home which he had forgot. With a sorrowful smile and a gleam in his eye he turned off the projector.

    Mr. Pracht's memoir, his entire collected thought was published on his 300th year. Miraculous he had lived so long. But his body grew weary and his mind grew to short. And he truly wished to be home, his home that he had left so long ago. In bed he dreamed of all such journeys and friends. And Mr. Pracht passed away that night. A cool, breezy, stormy night. Much like the one he had first opened his eyes to. With a smile on his face a little bit more different than what he had first received. Surrounded by thousands of close endearing friends. And Mr. Pracht's memory was forever instilled on those among us who were blessed enough having walked and talked with this brilliant man. And although his life had ended his story shall stand the test of time.


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Former GM2, Navy (8 years).

Served at Naval Support Activity Bahrain and Naval Base Guam.

I love hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, cave spelunking, snow boarding, diving, etc. As long as its adventurous i'm probably into it.

I mostly work around mspaint because I can lay on my couch and lazily use my mouse to draw on the ol' laptop.

Currently employed as a diesel mechanic.



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