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Magical battle by Lucheek

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© 2020 Koleyl
This is a commission done for me by :iconlucheek: of Miranda Mystical having a magic battle with her character Arepo from her web comic crittercoven.com

In a park in the middle of the night we find a black cat woman in a gray hooded clothing standing as a cloud of magical star dust appeared. Arepo knew that SHE would come. Also to her surprise that her friends have came as well, Florence a rat lady with orange messy hair that has leaves and small branches sticking out of it, Clara a goat girl of 19, Mary a gothic preteen fox girl and Rosie a cardinal girl with an eye patch and is the only one taller than Arepo.

Florence: Arepo what is the meaning of this note saying "I got to see someone from my old past in the park. Please leave out those sticky buns Clara makes and don't forget that lemonade you make, I love them." I'm flatter you like my homemade lemonade but still what this all about?

Arepo: Well I didn't want you all to get involve with my past but I am meeting an old rival from my younger days.

Rosie: Rival? Wait are you having a fight?

Arepo: Well you could say that.

Clara: Is...is this a fight to the death?

Arepo: More likely to the finish.

Mary: Whoa cool we get to see a magic battle.

Everyone gave Mary an angry glare.

Mary: I mean it sucks that one of my friends is in endanger of getting killed but how cool is it that we get to see two powerful witches fighting each other?

Woman's voice: We are not witches! We are just mystic furs.

They all turn to see a purple skunk woman wearing an orange robe, her head is covered in a pink hijab and her face is covered with a blue veil. She was holding a crystal ball in her hand as the star dusts settled down. It was Miranda Mystical.

Miranda: Hello Arepo. It's been a long while hasn't it?

Arepo: Yes and we both know why you are here.

Miranda: Yes to finish off what we should have started years ago. My spells of the light against your spells of the dark.

Arepo: No stopping this time?

Miranda: No stopping.

Rosie: We got to stop this. Hey you skunk lady leave Arepo alone! You hear me?

As Rosie rush to stop the fight she stopped as if she hit a invisible wall.

Florence: What is this?

Miranda: Sorry but we can't have you interfere this is only between us! Can't have any of you to get hurt.

Arepo: Shall we begin on the count of 3...THREE!

Miranda: Ugh! Always cheating!

Arepo casted out black energy stars and fires at Miranda but Miranda used her crystal ball to conjured up a star shield to block the black stars. Miranda used her crystal ball to fire out gold stars at Arepo but Arepo counters with a dark magic shield spell. Miranda quickly moves in and used her crystal ball to fire lighting bolts but Arepo doges and used her magic to create ice that caused Miranda to slip and drop her crystal ball.

Mary: YEAH! Way to go now she's helpless.

Miranda: I don't always need my crystal ball for my magic.

Miranda proved that she was right when she spun around and used her hands to control two bushes that turned into hands and snared Arepo. Arepo struggled but used her magic to create flames that shot out of her eyes to free herself from her plant prison. The two magical furs went back into battle as Miranda create bubbles that distracted Arepo as Arepo summons black roses to fire thorns to pop the bubbles.

Arepo: Still using kiddy tricks like bubbles?

Miranda: Bubbles are just for show. This is what I was doing.

Miranda used her magic and created a small tidal wave of water. Not enough to flood the park but just enough to make Arepo soaking wet.

Arepo: EEEEE! You know we cat's hate water! I can play dirty too!

She used the mud from the water attack to create a mud monster but Miranda was ready as she summon rocks to create a rock monster and both monsters ended up defeating each other. Soon the muddy dust clears up and both were exhausted and tired. Miranda walked up to Arepo with a sinister look in her eyes.

Miranda: Looks like it's time to end this once and for all.

Arepo: Go ahead...finish me.

Florence, Clara, Mary, Rosie: NO!

But to everyone's surprise Miranda and Arepo just hugged each other and both were laughing.

Arepo: Miranda my old friend you still got that wicked side for a gal who uses light magic.

Miranda: Well I'm glad soft living hasn't made you soft. You still got that old magic spark I loved about you.

The force field vanish letting the other gals in.

Clara: Wait! You two are friends?

Arepo: Well we are sort of frenemies you might say. Miranda and I are both a long race of magical mystic furs but on two different sides.

Miranda: I'm on the light magic and she's on the dark magic but both sides live in harmony as friends.

Rosie: So what this fight all about? I thought you two were going to finish each other off?

Mary: Yeah wasn't this a fight to the death?

Arepo: What? No I said this was a fight to the finish.

Miranda: We both always have a magical dual to see if our magic has gotten stronger it's not a fight to the death its just basically more of a show to each other...but we do get carried away as you all just saw.

Arepo: It was why I didn't want you all to get involved we didn't want anyone to get hurt.

Florence: You mean you had us worried just for like a fake fight? This is nuts.

Miranda: Well now that is settled. Arepo you promised me some sticky buns and lemonade.

Arepo: Sure come over to Florences house don't worry you can stay with her she loves company. She agreed to let you stay with her for a month.

Florence: I agreed? Since when?

Arepo: Since right now!

Florence: WHAT?!

Miranda: That would be lovely thank you.

So the group headed on home seeing a secret friend from Arepo's past and became new friends Miranda has become a short lived but memorable friend. Although Florence became one of Miranda's fashion makeover victim.

Arepo: What's wrong with Miranda's fashion spell she casted on you?

Florence came out dressed up like Miranda.

Florence: She keeps dressing me in one of her burka's.

Rosie: Hmm now I think it's called a Niqab.

Clara: No I believe it's called a purdah.

Mary: I think it kind of looks cute on you. You look like a rat version of Miranda.

The End.

Artwork and Arepo, Florence, Clara, Mary, and Rosie by :iconlucheek: 

Miranda Mystical and story by me.

Please fave and post comments on the original here www.deviantart.com/lucheek/art…
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LucheekProfessional Digital Artist

I can't read the story right now, but I want to let you know I'm a woman (she/her pronouns!)

Thank you for your support!!

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You’re welcome and oops I’ll fix it

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NafyotoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Nicely done ;)
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Glad you liked the story and the picture :iconlucheek: did for me.