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Mass Effect - Male Asari

By kolakis
Just made this rough paintover for fun.
Been a while because of tendonitis, but had to try one quick fan art piece since Mass Effect's one of my favorite games. Thought I'd share with fellow fans!

For non-ME players; the Asari are a mono-gendered, female looking species, so I wanted to try a male version.

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Makes you wonder If Asari could feel gender disphoria. This would probably be the resoult

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The male Asari, capable of making any other species (both male and female) pregnant with their child, including their own species for obvious reasons... XD
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I really hate the idea of ''monogendered'' asari , I'm not against the idea but bioware designed the asari to be nothing but sexual objects with a really shitty biological explanation.

I love this
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I agree, but the thing that always confuses me is the whole "mind melding" thing. Because it sounds like they don't actually have intercourse with their partners. 
But within Mass effect, it is hinted that Asari can have safe reproductive intercourse with anyone. 
And Asari are Levo, meaning that they aren't allergic to their dextro partner's fluids like humans.
So can they safely have sex with Dextro because their immune or Bioware just didn't want to elaborate?
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Considering that Liara T'Soni is unarguably the most important squadmate in the series, entirely on account of her brains, knowledge, and organizational ability, it's a pretty big stretch to say that Bioware designed them as 'nothing but'.

It would be truer to say that the Asari very beautifully called to a particular sort of glorious femininity often found in myths, while blending seamlessly with the 'scientific' setting, and while being individually well drawn characters.
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People seem to misunderstand what "monogender" means.  It means "one gender" and not "no gender".  Asari aren't "female looking", they're genetically female.
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Shepard is so damn manly, that h of an asari wife
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What I meant to say was:

Shepard is so damn manly, that the son of his asari wife was male...
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Damn iPhone buttons
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Male Asari would be damn sexy.   Its too bad they never put em in the game.   I did not mind them being female only but it did kind of feel like a cop out to give the game its Orion Slave Girls.
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Amazing piece of work! I think the all-female Asari works in the games, but if there were males too, this is along the lines of what they should look like. Very impressive.
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If there are other male asaris' in the game, we be living in a different world right now.
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What an amazing work you have done, shame they had to remove the male Asari, he looks hell cool
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'Shame they had to remove the male Asari'

Bioware planned to have male Asari at one point?
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I think there was male asari but they got wiped or something long time ago so there's only females
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But they are not females neighter, they can reproduce with everything!
I didn't know I needed it in my life.
Now I now.
You got to hook Bioware up with this Asari portrayal with masculine features. After they see this excellent design, they got to make him a selective main character for Mass Effect 4!

Background and description for him in ME 4 (in my opinion):
- At Maiden age in the game.
- Heavily values intelligence and knowledge about every species' history, especially about the Protheans and Asari.
- Very humble and respectful but sometimes gets extremely annoyed when someone jokes about whether or not he has any genitals, about his questionable gender, or when someone tries to touch his "hair tentacles".
- A child of Liara (if she did not die in ME 3). If Commander Shepard romanced her during the series, his name will be mentioned as the father later on during the game. If not, the father's name is never revealed. He is a true "Mommy's boy" to Liara. He deeply loves her, and is very clingy-protective of her. When someone flirts with her, he will not hesitate to intimidate that person. When he's far away, he always calls her before sleeping. Never disobeys or disagrees with her unless absolutely necessary. He later discovers that Liara genetically tweaked him that way so she could protect him; he doesn't mind it. If Liara died in ME 3, her role is replaced by a random female Asari.
- Also secretly studied under Samara. Learned her teachings about the Justicar code, although he chose not to be bound to it. However, learning from it made him a true Paragon (in the game, player can only choose Paragon routes). Later on, some of the choices he make will lead him to question whether or not if he did the right thing, regardless of good intentions. He views Samara as a grandmotherly figure. If Samara died in ME 2, her role is replaced by Morinth. She instead taught him how to be seductive and manipulative, only to be ironically used against her later on in the game. After learning from Falere that Morinth is an Ardat-Yakshi, he cunningly defeats her and hands her over to Asari huntresses. If Samara died in ME 3, her role is replaced by another thousand-year old Asari who follows the Justicar code.   

- Dangerously powerful with Biotics. After undergoing optional missions with Samara/Morinth, he learns and gains control over new abilities. One of the early main missions involves him training to become an Asari commando. He also has the ability to be able to meld his mind to others without mating or harming them (Player can use this ability to gather important information during missions). A different character will humorously comment about his mind-reading ability that he can tell who is a spy in a room full of people in the dark. 

- Enjoys having lots of friends. Garrus will be mentioned as his first and closest friend only if Shepard romanced Liara during the series, serving as a protector. During a main mission, Garrus is the one who tells him that Shepard is his father. Has a peculiar relationship with Javik, whom makes good and bad remarks about Liara. He always ask questions to Javik about the book "Journeys with a Prothean".

- Has taboo romantic interest in other Asari females (though the player can choose otherwise). Developed a thing for older Asari females after his training with Samara/Morinth. Funny moments in the game would be him shamefully having numerous Asari strippers dancing around him, embarrassingly lusting over Aria, and frequently visiting the Consort's Chambers to "meet" Sha'ira. According to Human females, he is described as "beyond beautiful".

Personal choice for name:
- Zoran (pronounced with a short "a").

Anyone can reply to share their idea.
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Great design.  I imagine the backstory regarding him is that he is considered a rarity among Asari; a genetic throwback to their ancient past, when they were a two-gendered species.  Maybe there's a very, very small chance of this occurring during a bonding.  A mutation, perhaps.
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I like this, fifty thousand thumbs up
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