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The Pretty Baa Lambs

By kolaboy
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Acrylic, 16X20.

On the first Friday night of December (as has been from times past), the girls of the sect that has come to be know as The Order of the Half-Hand make their way across the frozen landscape of Beechey Island to a certain point on the coast of the same. There, to the tender and unearthly drone of plainsong, they perform the sacred rite of the illuminated lamb. Three of the fifteen girls suck on blue Christmas light bulbs, and when they are asked "Hath the blue light entered yet into your hearts?", they reply "It hath not, nor can we compel it with all our effort or desire... "
Dressed as lambs, they spend an hour symbolically lost in the wastes, crawling on their knees in concentric circles, and at last meeting in the middle. They then count the twelve stitches on the back of their hands, say the corresponding prayer that accompanies every stitch, and touch the backs of their hands together proclaiming "Forever are we half of what is whole, and we are one, we are eternal".
Only when the stars of the constellation Tarandus reach their apex can they break their five day fast, with Halloween candy aged seven years, warmed over a cedar fire on the spokes of Keb's ancient bicycle.
The name of Keb, however, is never spoken during the ceremony.
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Featured here: [link] =)
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Much appreciated, thank you :)
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reminds me of the baby seals slaughter somehow, specially that being in the back yonder could be interpreted as a hunter come to check his traps
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Appreciate your insight :)
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:wave: Hi - this is featured here -> [link] hope thats ok :heart:
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beautiful :) i really like your style
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Loving the texture of the wool. How did you do it? :)
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Oh, very painstakingly, one strand at a time :no:
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awesome. which came first, the story or the painting?
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Very beautiful and soft. ^_^
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I have a new all-time favourite from you. If I have seen this, I don't remember it.

She has a gorgeous face. "Time to get serious".

Do you still have the piece?
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Thanks Katie. Yep, still have it. She's hanging in my garag... erm home gallery =D
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Haha :hug: Don't plan on giving her up?
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Well, if I had to, I would. But she's nice to have around =)
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She is wonderful.
And you are a genius.
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Thanks a bunch =)
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Boo hoo hoo.... im so glad to see you doing fine art boxed frame prints, and even some wrapped canvas prints, but there are still too few offered as such... I'd really love to see this beauty available as a high end print as well !!!

Oh well, its still really awesome to see what you do offer as prints now!
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Well thank you. I'll see what I can do about making the aforementioned available as a higher quality print :nod:
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