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so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

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 where can i contact you?
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Hello, How are you?

Hola, ¿Cómo estás?
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"Hello, how are you? What a nice drawing! Better trace it!"

Seriously, even if you put credit, it is NEVER right to trace.
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Then you better tell that to kids who dream to take a style and use it to improve as beginner artists. Tracing is tracing but making a profit off a traced design that was based off of something else is NEVER right
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wait what im lost
how long ago was this?
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i did. and it's from JANUARY. you're a little late.
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Don't give two tits and a gravy honey. Don't make a statement and not expect it to not be debated against.
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after this i'm just gonna ignore these because they're getting annoying. the issue is resolved and i was wrong that the person traced the art.
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It's okay to trace. It's not okay to claim it as your own.
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I don´t traced, i use the reference, and sketched first the base (Body of my OC) using my new Wacom Intuos Draw, my OC is female.
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Espectacular y el aura muy chula!! =D
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exelente trabajo Clap Clap 
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I'm still geeking out over this new form XD
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Eres el que mejor le ha salido el aura hasta ahora nomás ponle más transparente
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Bravo!! gran trabajo, y la aura está de lujo!!
AashanAnimeArt's avatar
Me encanta este !!
¡Éste es mi dibujo más preferido que usted ha hecho !! ¡Simplemente me encanta! ¡Está muy bien hecho!
FacuDibuja's avatar
Necesito un tutorial de esto xD
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lo que dijo el de arriba x 2 :v ,me puede servir ALGUNNN DIAAAA....... arreh :v/ 
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muy bueno!!  exelente pose
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pure badassery bro
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esos 2 días valieron la pena esto es genial!
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