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Bee-chan in color

By Koku-chan
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Thought I'd try coloring in Bee-chan! The green hair was an accident! But after I'd clicked FILL, I realised..that's darn kyoot. So it stayed. (I was going to give her yellow or red hair!)
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No wonder Winnie the Pooh keeps messing with beehives.
Extemely cute :)
Nice work!
Inspectornills's avatar
hehe, what a cute bee person! XD

heheh, awesome work! :D
Saphiroko's avatar
Ooh, I like the green hair! I thought it would be yellow or orange, but I like the twist!
Koku-chan's avatar
I thought that too..but she chose it on her own~! :)
Battosai16's avatar
Still awesome man!
Amaniwolf's avatar
She's so cute, i love her little beeness!
zkfanart's avatar
Veeeery smexy =3 Liked the outfit design, and she is so sweety by sure ^^ Hope she does not sting ;P
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NewGirlComic's avatar
look at her enjoying her time pollinating flowers :P
entwineddarkness's avatar
GREEN! That does look really cute!
EmiBats's avatar
Green is love. lol
Wilbury's avatar
Hey, I don't know id this is asking too much, but could you draw me a series of sexy pictures of


Koku-chan's avatar
I'll see what I can do. -_o
Wilbury's avatar
Gee, thanks! :D
dragonzmoon's avatar
Very lovely work! :aww: I like her green hair.
Koku-chan's avatar
She chose it herself! :)
dragonzmoon's avatar
She's too cool! :giggle:
BalloonPrincess's avatar
I agree with that. :) And good job.
Koku-chan's avatar
Thanks! :love: BZZzZZzzzZZzzzzZzzzzzz~~~~~~
BalloonPrincess's avatar
As always, my pleasure. :)
Chronorin's avatar
You are the undisputed Master of Freaking Adorable.
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