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Wish on a yumeoshi [animated]

By kokotea
 art (c) kokotea | ✗ do not repost anywhere without permission | ✔ reblog on tumblr

[APNG file! for browsers that support it,
the animation might take a while to load because it is 5mb.
if you can’t see animated png files (ie and edge browsers),
click on my tumblr link to see the gif version]

this is a late xmas gift for you 
you have been such a great friend and listening to all my stories and projects and encouraging me to continue ; v;

you made me so many nice stuff, i havent had the capacity to give you something in return until now. your own worlds are so wonderful though, and i am happy to see it slowly build up over the years. i cant wait to see how it will go, here is a drawing of your yumeoshi, i hope you like it! ; v;

please everyone check out her project!
she is building a platform game and it is looking very cool so far!

btw happy new year everyone!!
im still a little behind on deviantart messages haha,
catching up for things i missed during my midterm-finals 
; v;)9
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© 2018 - 2021 kokotea
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nice art! also thanks for the llama badge ^_^
kokotea's avatar
thank you! ^^
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Awww, so cute~! You did such a wonderful job! *7* Really, the animation is nice and smooth~
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:) your welcome
Mirasketch's avatar
Oh my gosh this is so cute! I didn't realize it was a gif at first lol such a nice surprise 
RinTohsaka64's avatar
Totally late on this...

I didn't realize it was a gif at first isn't? It's an animated PNG, not an animated GIF.
kokotea's avatar
haha yes!
it takes a while to load unfortunately because of the file size
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I wish for more adorable art! 
kokotea's avatar
there will definitely be more to come~
kokotea's avatar
thank you! 
xVanyx's avatar
Happy new year! This looks super adorable. Keep up the good work ^__^.
kokotea's avatar
thank you very much!
ill make sure to work hard haha <333
xVanyx's avatar
You're welcome! <3
kokotea's avatar
thank you! 
vahzl's avatar
wow pretty !
kokotea's avatar
thank you! <3
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gracias nwn 
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