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Rewritten AB: Alice in tea party land

By kokotea
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art (c) kokotea | ✔ ask for permission for reposts | ✔  reblog on tumblr
this is th full version of my landscape illustration in Rewritten-Artbook
we finally get to post since the books are shipped out soon. 
im so excited to finally receive the artbooook

you can find more close-ups of the illustration on my tumblr

even though it has been more than a year and im already seeing so many mistakes it makes me cry
Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
(i guess that means ive improved?)

2016 had been a bad year, stuff happened and didnt get to really draw appart from making small things, so lets hope that 2017 will b a better year! i will also be finishing a lot of the art and stuff i unfortunately left hanging since a year ago. those waiting for art from me, thank you for your patience uvu

rewitten is based on lewis carol's alice in wonderland, but retold by each artist's own interpretation.
it is a charity art book that features more than 60 artists, and at least 120 pages of art! 
profits will go to the national breast cancer foundation. 

please check it out: 
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© 2017 - 2021 kokotea
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this is stunning, I love the contrast between them! 

The items on the table looks amazing as well with all the details and colour notes 
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your art is pretty amazing ~ now you are my idol ♥ 
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This is absolutely amazing! Your art-style is incredible!  Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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Incredible!!!! :wow: This is really amazing and beautifully done! Hats of to you my friend! :hug:
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thank you! ^^
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This is absolutely amazing!

(I wanted to participate in this and their next art book but unfortunate circumstances. ;u; Some day I'll get in an anime artbook~ I've been in professional art anthologies under my birth name with fine art and some illustration, but never with my anime art, though I always entered it. Anyways, back to your art!) 

Everything is so damn lush. Gosh, the way you orb light into the image with colors is amazing. I always see it a part of your signature style. That and your color tendencies. The clocks in the misty blue background was such a good touch. Diana plump on the table is my favorite detail. :heart: Os that a cookie in the March Hare's tea cup? Is that a reference to the Disney film adaption where he was dunking his biscuits into the tea? XD Gosh, all the reflected colors in the flowers at center tie everything in together. You balanced the image so well. The chair helps fill out Alice and links up with the shape, girth, and colors of the Mad Hatter. He would seem overly powerful in the image because of his height, but you fixed that so well by fading the top of his hat into a muted blue closer to the background, and by punting a heavy contrast of vines above Alice's head. The only thing that really strikes me at off is very simple to fix- just adding a deeper indent to the division of the Hatter's brow bone and the start of his nose bridge. Nothing else distracts me. It's still beautiful regardless. I'm sure customers were mesmerized by your artwork and its colors and details. You seem to have put a lot of live into this. :heart: 
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oooh yessss you should definitely join!
idk when rewritten will open again, things have been slow with it, 
and so far no news of the next session. 

haha, i just purposefully put a lot of sparkles. which i have decided 
ill forgo fundamentals and just make everything into the same
sparkly, semi transparent plastic wrap ish material. 
the tea cup has a pocket watch! gotta have enough clocks around~
for the hatter im just having trouble rending the face is 3D ;;;;
because this style im drawing in is so anime ish, it just doesnt 
really work in 3D rendering and i get all confused. 
im used to painting in semirealism so more anime stuff is confusing haha,
especially male faces. 
yeah definitely haha. im sure this drawing sucked the life out of me xD;;
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That plastic wrappiness makes it feel dreamy though. Super fitting for the story, haha! You did very well.

Oh? I did not know that they were planning to do it again. Maybe I'll look into it then. I still have my old picture that I was going to enter and never finished. I want to finish it some day. It's very complex.
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haha, well, it does add a touch to it, altho sometimes too much
ill figure out a good balance one day tho xD

yeah, but so far there is barely any news of it i dont
know if it will take off again, with how things are going. 
if they open again you should definitely try and apply!
its mostly reserved for current artists but i think some
artists will be out and thus leave places for new applicants. 
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Here's hoping. I was so happy to be accepted back then, but the unexpected happened and I could not complete in time. Hopefully they would consider me again.
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there are always things like zines!
especially if you are into a particular theme or fandom
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Aren't zines specific to comics though? 
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I have to say this is beautiful. Art like this blows me away. The colors  add such a warm class to this. You have amazing talent.
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sorry for late reply! ; v;
thank you very much! im happy you like my art ; 7;
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are you kidding its so beautiful no need to me sorry we all get busy.
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I love this! Alice in Wonderland has special place in my heart. 
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thank you! ^^
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Your very welcome!
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Cute And Beautiful!
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