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Handle with Care - Chapter Twelve (part 3)
It was one of the longest days of his life. Unable to face anyone in the community, he had left to take a breather on the farthest side of the mountain range where he'd be left alone, but his attempts to meditate were futile with the intrusive damning thoughts. What once was his safe haven for self-reflection, solitude became his self-torture and a battle of wills he had no probable chance of winning. And he didn't.
He had tried to convince himself it was normal, that in their current situation it was the only way to find temporary relief, but he knew in his heart it wasn't. Mew had never once touched herself—as far as he was aware of. He wasn't always around her, there were days he was gone for long hours, and it was rare of him to be away overnight. If she had ever gotten urges at any of those times, it was possible she may have had a way to release it.
No, he knew her long enough to know she was too reserved for such a thing, even around him. So why did she do it? Whe
:iconkokorotoyume:kokorotoyume 1 0
Mature content
Handle with Care - Chapter Twelve (part 2) :iconkokorotoyume:kokorotoyume 0 0
Mature content
Handle with Care - Chapter Twelve (part 1) :iconkokorotoyume:kokorotoyume 0 0
Guardian Cupid by kokorotoyume Guardian Cupid :iconkokorotoyume:kokorotoyume 23 28 Playing Catch by kokorotoyume Playing Catch :iconkokorotoyume:kokorotoyume 8 4 Digimon Controversy Meme by kokorotoyume Digimon Controversy Meme :iconkokorotoyume:kokorotoyume 10 8
Mature content
Handle with Care - Chapter Eleven :iconkokorotoyume:kokorotoyume 0 0
Secret Admirer by kokorotoyume Secret Admirer :iconkokorotoyume:kokorotoyume 6 7
Encryption - Chapter Nine
Roused from her sleep by breakfast (somehow the light wasn't what disturbed her), Gatomon sat up with a scrunched pout and grouched, “Did you even sleep?”
“Of course I did.” A wide-awake Wizardmon smiled over at her from the small kitchen, flipping an omelet.
She turned for a peek outside. “I can't even see the sunlight,” she mumbled, rubbing at her eyes and getting to her feet. “Ugh...”
“It's going to take a bit to get used to all of this,” he assured her as much as to himself upon glancing at what little counter space there was. “At least it's something.”
“I'm not complainin' about work, Wiz.”
“And our housing?”
She bobbed her head side-to-side as she stretched. “...maybe...”
Amused, he shrugged and sighed. “Well, we should at least be thankful it's a bargain. I feel like the rent would be higher if we weren't employees.”
Gatomon stood awkwardly by the entran
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You know there's something unique about my pictures ;). You just have to find out for yourself.


Mewtwo and Mew Galaxy  by wootmise Mewtwo and Mew Galaxy :iconwootmise:wootmise 16 0 Doodle 7, Legendary by Kaleidoskopic Doodle 7, Legendary :iconkaleidoskopic:Kaleidoskopic 118 42 Until We Meet Again... by NotoriousNoire Until We Meet Again... :iconnotoriousnoire:NotoriousNoire 30 4 Commission: There can be only one! by AliceKaninchenbau Commission: There can be only one! :iconalicekaninchenbau:AliceKaninchenbau 28 3 Crabrawler by Cotton-gravy Crabrawler :iconcotton-gravy:Cotton-gravy 101 5 Happy Kaido by minhquach94 Happy Kaido :iconminhquach94:minhquach94 58 9 Triggerhappy: Ideological chameleon by KukuruyoArt Triggerhappy: Ideological chameleon :iconkukuruyoart:KukuruyoArt 218 194 The monster and the little girl by metalparts The monster and the little girl :iconmetalparts:metalparts 216 21 In hiding by loolaa In hiding :iconloolaa:loolaa 41 3 Sleepy Mew Two Three by SallyVinter Sleepy Mew Two Three :iconsallyvinter:SallyVinter 151 20 Mew and Mewto by HeyHoneyBun Mew and Mewto :iconheyhoneybun:HeyHoneyBun 47 2 .:Broken:. by Kokoro-Tokoro .:Broken:. :iconkokoro-tokoro:Kokoro-Tokoro 293 31 City lights by bbrunomoraes City lights :iconbbrunomoraes:bbrunomoraes 574 22 Illegal Aliens Voting by Conservatoons Illegal Aliens Voting :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 14 3 Caught a... a, uhh... by JediAnnSolo Caught a... a, uhh... :iconjediannsolo:JediAnnSolo 81 50 Saint Mew by ZanCats Saint Mew :iconzancats:ZanCats 8 0
Because I love other people's work, and agree with them in a way :3. May hold a bunch of my favorite obsessions--I mean favorite childhood memories and current likes.



  • Listening to: background noise
  • Reading: whatever manga I have
  • Watching: lots of anime (when I can)
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: need lunch
  • Drinking: Nothing
All right, everyone, I'm happy to announce that commissions are now OPEN.


The kind of work you will expect:

Before Our Bodies Dry by kokorotoyume

Music in the Air by kokorotoyume

Walking in Grass by kokorotoyume

In Shallow Waters by kokorotoyume

Sunset by kokorotoyume
Staff's True Form by kokorotoyume

- Payment system of choice is PayPal. Payment is expected prior to receiving the art; depending on the art, half of the payment will need to be accepted as the picture is being worked on. This will be addressed as soon as possible.

- Pictures can be either digital or traditional. Prices start at $40 for a full colored picture. Sketches will start at $10, but can vary depending on the size of the picture. Details will be addressed.
Depending on the size of the piece, I may add total amount of hours to the price. This will be addressed so prices can be worked out if needs be. If implemented, price is $10 per hour.

- I may not accept commissions depicting graphic sexual content, nudity, and violence.

- A typical digital drawing is done in 1240 x 1748 pixels, or 4.133 x 5.827 inches. Traditional drawings are 8.5 x 11 inches. Custom-sized pictures will need to be addressed with the given details.

:iconbowplz: Feel free to ask any questions and concerns you may have. I look forward to working with you.




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Also, hats off to your "Why Do We Love Critics?", good sir.
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kokorotoyume Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome, and thanks a whole bunch for reading them. I know I'm not very good about updates, but I do try my best to make up for it. As for HWC entering final chapters, not quite. It's still in the second act.
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Thank you for the fave! :)
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