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Hitomi - Gift

By kokorospirit
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This be a gift for :iconhito-chan: when she asked for some art in my journal way-back-when. You know.. that sketch meme i did? I GETS RESULTS.

She was all, "omg new outfit for hitomi plz. no specifics." and i was like, "omg no specifics? YAY!" and this was born.

Which is something i prefer to do over request pics of extremely defined characters. I hate being restricted when drawing peoples charas. Usually they turn out crappy compared to what i could do if they let me have fun with it.

I'm extremely proud of this one. It's not the most detail i've put into something.. but it's the most elaborate of costumes.

...btw. There are still like.. eight slots open for 'sketch' requests.
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agreed with the whole "let me play" thing. If people give me some basics and let me run wild I'll do a crapton better than if I had specifics.

I LOVE this outfit toooo lordiiiii. I'd totaly wear it even if it's more girly than I usually do.
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like.. i'd do 5-10$ commisions if people just gave me a character to run with.
... without a deadline. I hate those too. x.x; But i don't see a lot of deadlines with artists that do commissions over the interwebs.

And this outfit isn't too girly. Sure there's feathers and a corset.. but..you could put a flamoyant male-evil character in there. He'd pull it off just as sexily. >.>

And sexy was an important component in this outfit, as her character is a seductress among other things.