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yasha captured

i was compelled to draw this while reading '"possession" by wheezambu read it here at fanfiction or mediaminer: [link] or [link]

and i finally colored it!!
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Colored version is very nice, though I also like having the simpler black-and-white version available, too. :)
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thank you! i felt the inspiration to draw that so i did. i'm surprised that it came out so well proportioned considering i didn't have a model to copy from... i don't usually draw without a model and have it come out good.
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Oh cool! You like inu too! yay! Something else that is epic awesome!
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:dance:one of my favorites as a matter of fact (rurouni kenshin and inuyasha are at the top of my list) =D have you seen 'the final act'? i was really impressed that they squashed so many chapters of manga into just twenty-six episodes and kept the continuity.
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noo... but I heard it was AWESOME so I plan too very soon!
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[link] <--- you're in the u.s. so you can see it. all the episodes are there, they even have a link to the original series. i'm not sure when they'll take it down so i would hurry if i were you!
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I don't mean to be mean, but I doo realllllly want to see it. I'm just not that way though when it comes to watching illegal stuff on the internet. I support it when it becomes dubbed then if I wanna watch in in Japanese I change the audio. I am impatient sometimes but I'm not lazy enough to watch it on the internet. Now if they weren't gonna dub it at all usually that is a different story. Most of the times I try to get it imported. Sorry about that.
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no love, that is the official shounan sunday site --it is officially broadcast in the u.s. in partnership with VIZ media, complete with commercials (thirty second commercials i use to remember to wiggle my mouse so the screensaver doesn't activate).

i personally don't watch any japanese show/anime/movie in english dubs. they translate things wrong (they try to translate the untranslatable) and the voice actors pronounce most of the names wrong (sailor moon's american voice makes me cringe), but you can only see it in japanese until a few years from now when they get around to dubbing it.
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Ohh alright, then I'll check it out. Thanks!
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Super awesome drawing! :D
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thank you-- i appreciate your opinion!

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It's so nice to see a colored version of this! You did a really awesome job on his clothing--I love the subtle differences in the color to indicate differences in the lighting and folds in the material, etc. I also love the sharp detail on him and the ropes and the post and the fuzzier BG. It really keeps our focus in the foreground, yet gives a nicely complete feel to the scene.
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thank you kelly!

this is actually the first background that i did all by myself so i will gratefully bask in your compliment. i guess watching that bob ross guy painting 'happy little trees' in the seventies paid off somewhat. it was fun playing with layers and different effects and filters- i still don't know what i did to make the texture effect, i'll just call it a 'happy little accident'. ah, the fabric, thank you-- i'm still not satisfied with it, but i quit before i messed it up irreversibly. overall it was a great learning experience.

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Love the colouring job you did to your art! His stripes are awesome!

I love this piccie!!
kokoronagomu's avatar
thank you, love! :huggle:

i wasn't sure if his stripes pointed down or up-- i think they point down and i got it wrong but *shrugs* if someone notices i will compliment them on their perceptiveness.

actually i think i was more interested in trying to get the bottom of his feet dirty enough...
InuHanyou's avatar
hard to tell... Been checking looks mostly down but can point straight...

All I can think is.. he can easily slip his feet under him and lurch up while whipping his arms up and viola he is freed.

LOL Does his feet ever be not dirty-ish?
kokoronagomu's avatar
how very perceptive of you!!

yep-- 'cept the ropes are infused with reiki.

one wonders about that... you would think about the whole japanese 'take your shoes off at the door' thing-- what do people think about his inability to do that and walking all around their homes with dirty feet-- i appalled (not really *hides shoe covered feet under desk*)
InuHanyou's avatar
Ah! Yes... that would require him to horade his youki into a ball. Keep ';packing' it like a snowball until it's hard and strong enough for a sudden lash-out.


I do wonder then shrug it off and say 'He is InuYasha!' *glances at own bare feet and giggles while wiggling toes*
kokoronagomu's avatar
YES! --he is INUYASHA. :iconfacepalmplz:

my floors are all unfinished-- i gotta keep the shoes on. =(
InuHanyou's avatar
>.< Splinters! OUCH!
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Aw, that's so sad! Great rendition though.
kokoronagomu's avatar

don't be sad-- he's just pretending! =)

FlameTwirler's avatar
Ah, I've read part of the story but not everything that's up so I didn't really know what was going on. He does look rather depressed I guess he must be a good actor ^_-
kokoronagomu's avatar
i think he's just napping and waiting for them to become complacent so he could simply leave without hurting anybody... yep, he is a good actor!
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