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precious shadows

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Cool effect you have! That kitty is forming out of the shadows! *chuckles* I adore it when they eyes are glowing. Makes them look magical.
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thank you, nikkie!

she was sitting on a computer desk and i just put her in a black background and left a little of the white table around her tail.

oh i love her eyes too! i'm trying to figure the best way to isolate them for a background or just as they are. blacking out all of the white fur-- or not-- i've been playing with it.
InuHanyou's avatar
Cool! That is a right neat effect!

Playing with programs are lots of fun... >.< except when you do something really neat and then have no clue what you did to get it!
kokoronagomu's avatar

i never remember what i had just done-- and i can never remember to have a pen and paper next to me to write it down-- as if i could remember why this pen and paper next to me is for...
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*chuckles* I know... I have this neat "fog/mist" effect in one piccie and I don't know how to do it again!
kokoronagomu's avatar
*shakes head sadly*
InuHanyou's avatar
*laments* it was sooo neat!
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Aww your cat is so cute!! I like the eyes:meow:
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thank you!

i love how a cat's eyes reflect light, it's almost like they glow on their own.
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thank you! took a few tries with eliminating the background and not losing her body and her tail-- i'm glad she looks soft-- she was a sweet little lady.

i appreciate the compliments. :huggle:

um...maybe i should get a stock photo of a starry night or the moon for a background...
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This is adorable! I love the way her eyes are glowing, as well as the luminescent quality to her white fur. You got it nice and soft instead harsh and evil-looking.
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