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a shout to :iconinuhanyou:
--nikkie, thanks for the kick in the pants and for the great suggestions :hug:
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God! You should make this into a fanfic. Doesn't have to be long, but I swear if you don't, I'll kick your ass and never forgive you! ^^; :laughing::party::clap::juggle::happycry:
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it is a fanfic-- a one shot-- a kind of a prequel to an inuyasha/rurouni kenshin crossover i have been chipping at (that's been giving me all manner of trouble). the one i'm working on takes place one year from the time kagome comes back and then skips a little over three hundred years to the meiji era. i'm trying to keep both series as canon as possible, just stretching out the last few chapters of the rurouni kenshin manga [link] a bit to fit inuyasha characters in, and then on from there. --i just don't know when i'll be posting, it's going to take a while.
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SQUEEEE!! :excited:

I loves it! And the added touches were perfect!

I love this wonderful and very unique insight!! :glomp:

Love how Kagome may be more open and 'evolved' to many concepts and yet still be 'closed' to others. Can't wait to read more!!
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your suggestions were a great help in rounding out the story more and making it more believable!

i don't know when i'll be finishing the other-- it doesn't like me right now and i'm ignoring it for a while-- i have to get working on it. that's the bad thing about not having a deadline, there's no pressure to get it done. i guess with more people knowing about it... i gotta get cracking.

thank you again nikkie-love! :iconlvplz::iconglompplz:
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*beams* You are very very welcome! It was a great honour to help out!

It's a gorgeous story and I can't wait for my Red-headed Bish to show up and go Oro to the Inu gang in your story.
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SQUEEEE! Kenshin! *tackling glompage*
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bahaha that was so great XD seriously though, it was. a lot of things are different in the era she lives in with Inuyasha and this was a good and original example of what she needs to adapt to :) I liked it very much, the end was very amusing. oh Inuyasha :heart: lol.
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so happy you liked it!

yep, lots of things to adapt to.

i wanted him to be as helpful as he possibly could (in his own way), and i wanted him to have the typical 'guy' response =p

thank you!!
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I think piece was not only well written, but also shed light on how Kagome is adapting TO the feudal era (especially now that she can't go running home so quickly).

A sweet, original idea. :clap:
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thank you!!
she went back to live there-- modern social mores are completely different from that of the sixteenth century. although she was exposed to much of it during their quest, everyday village life was something she wasn't completely immersed in. they would pass through villages, possibly staying a night and then leaving. when they got to kaede's village she either stayed in the hut or went home-- exposure and interaction to and with the villagers was very limited. oh yes, she has to stay there, and the best way to get used to the water is to jump right in.
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Have to admit that Kagome's braver than I am to live entirely in a new world. Good point about the fleeting glimpses she only got.

Btw, like the kitty. :D
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:iconplz-whoswho: has all kinds of different "plz" accounts listed for any and all sorts of purposes, that's where the kitty came from.

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Have you seen the new IY episodes?
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oh yes-- most definitely! i was worried that they would be too rushed, but i was okay with the pace of the first two episodes. it won't be as drawn out as the first part. my husband didn't have time to read the manga and he had no problem following it. even though they changed the sequence of events, there's been enough time passed since i've read the manga for it to matter that much to me.
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I was thinking, "Thank God, at least half the show won't be done in flashbacks anymore!"

I still opt for a couple of fillers, just for fun. :D
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yeah, fillers would be nice-- but at least they're keeping the kitsune inn-- THAT was a funny chapter. =D
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sorry-- i didn't tell you what it was about, huh?

thanks for reading it though!

lets face it-- there are over 89,000 inuyasha fanfics at ffn alone, at least it's unique...

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you have a point....
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This is really cute! I dig it. :)
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i'm glad, thanks!

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Very nice! =D

Ari chan
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