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i come from a time there were no pc's, vcr's, dvd's, or color tv. music came on vinyl records, fm radio was new, and gas contained lead. when men used their bare feet to propel their vehicles and moved rocks with the help of the brontosaur.

Current Residence: da` burgh
Favourite genre of music: classic rock
Favourite style of art: tis all good
Favourite cartoon character: many white/red haired bishi
Personal Quote: reality is in the eye of the beholder. beware the reality challenged!

Favourite Visual Artist
all art has merit
Favourite Movies
whatsa movie ~fantasy/comedy
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
pink floyd
Favourite Books
shogun, the source, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
Favourite Writers
jim morrison
Favourite Games
super metroid
Favourite Gaming Platform
super nintendo was classically the ultimate
Tools of the Trade
whips, chains and shackles
Other Interests
anime/manga related everytihing


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i haven't seen this one here Requiem by PaolaPieretti

i understand pet peeves and I agree with most of yours. They're not vampires so what's with the biting! Animals will bite the female to keep her from running off and to keep her in place. Mate can have many meanings from classmate, workmate, etc, to friend, to spouse but I prefer ''married''. Also agree with using baby, child, children, kids, etc instead of ''pups''. Although, as far as whether or not they would be hanyou or less might determine how strong their parent/grandparent would be. Considering that Inu no Taisho was a daiyoukai, an extremely powerful being who not only had a humanoid appearance, a battle form but also capable of having an energy form, it could possibly take a few generations to be half and more to be less than half as human genetics would have little effect as ''youkai'' would be the dominant trait.

This is my pet peeve: I think that watching the anime in the original Japanese with subtitles sometime is a great idea. English translators make a lot of errors in translation that ‘’dumb it down’’ for English speakers and the original animators overdid it on the kotodama (word of power- osuwari -a word specifically used as a dog command in Japanese... there are ~19 separate words for ''sit'' and each of them are for a different purpose) to amuse their target demographic. As far as translation errors, I don’t like how the anime dub translators used the blanket term ‘’demon’’ (in Japanese ‘’akuma’’ by the commonly held ‘western definition’) for the terms: ‘’youkai’’, ‘’mononoke’’, ‘’oni’’, ‘’bakemono’’ etc (the original Japanese anime and manga never use the term ‘’akuma’’), that’s like using the blanket term ‘’demon’’ when one is speaking/writing of fae (fairies), elves, orcs, ogres, genies, dwarfs, etc . maintaining the original Japanese terms would have given a greater depth and understanding to ‘‘Inuyasha’’ and other anime that include these mythological creatures — instead translators have perpetuated a misunderstanding as to the nature of these beings. This makes no sense to me — it would make as much sense as using the blanket term ‘’demon’’ for all the creatures in ‘‘Lord of the Rings’’, ‘’Labyrinth’’ or any other fantasy story.

Inukag Fan-kids Rant Part 2
commented on Mirror by
i don't remember which i read first of hers but i love them all... there are quite of few stories i read over when there are no new ones published from many writers in the 'rk' fandom depending on my mood at the time. i was so glad she published the sequel to 'blades of blood' but still wish there was more to all them (that's always the way with great stories =) ).

i understand what you mean about not having time in everyday life to even do the essentials let alone stuff we like to do... don't give up, you're good at what you do!  :dance:
commented on Mirror by
lovely! the sword is battousai and soon kenshin will conform to that image... loved 'blades of blood' and love vathara. this is great! as soon as i'm finished reading 'shadows in starlight' for the umpteenth time i might read this one again again... lol
commented on first by
love this! her determination and i want her hat (i wear hats). lol love ya, hope things are good for you. i've got to catch up on all i've missed, it'll take a while as i watch grandkids 4x/week. <3