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1.- You must post the rules as listed
2.- Each person tagged has to share 13 things about them
3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 13 people
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. - Tag-backs are allowed

Tagged by :iconpandacat150:
13 Questions-- Pandacat150
1. What is your favorite anime? (if you don't watch anime: What is your favorite TV show?)
demmit uh Community for TV show and uhm uh UHHH IDK WHICH TO CHOOSE FOR ANIME FRIG 
2. What's your favorite song/artist?
don't really have one ahaha but i like lm.c and ling toshite shigure
3. What inspired you to first start drawing?
when my someone said i'll never be able to draw as good as another person and just to prove them wrong i tried . H .
4. How long have you been working on your artistic abilities? 
too loong
5. Introvert/Extrovert-- Which one are you?
more introverted i think
6. Would you consider yourself loyal to what you believe or your friends? Or would you run when the going gets tough?
i don't know. i would say the first one but we'll see when the time comes i guess
7. What's your favorite game?
crap i have too many for this one too e H e
8. What makes you laugh the most?
eh depending i guess
9. What do you want to be remembered as/by?
i'm not really sure o - o. i guess just as myself 
10. Would you rather people fear you or love you?
both i guess but more of love 
11. If you were given one wish to come true, but it would affect others in some way, what would it be?
getting serious about my religion, improving relationships or at least try to get better at stuff i like to do . - .)/
12. What is your favorite food? Or snack?
as long as it isn't spicy or too bitter and is edible and/or healthy, i'm fine with almost anything
13. Are you easily spooked?
depending once more ((generally by bugs. even ants ; H ; ))

My questions
1. Are you easy to anger/annoy or hard to?
2. Do you prefer nighttime or daytime?
3.(optional) What month were you born in? Find out the flower that represents that month.   
4.(linked to question 4 + optional) What is your flower and what does it mean? 
5. Gelato, ice cream or neither? 
6. (optional) Which do you prefer more-- to write or to draw? 
7. What is your favourite subject in school? 
8. Where's the beef? 
9. (optional) What do you think about your general personality right now?
10. aahahah this be the last question so that your suffering through this thingy moe bobber will end. CAN YOU READ ME A BED TIME STORY? 

whelp bai once again 
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