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[RK x GS] Zephyrus and Tinder

Character  King ZephyrusCharacter  TinderLocation  Rocket Knight Universe
Thanks to :iconmetalbyakko: for helping me out with the Character Profile.
~ Character Information:
Name: King Zephyrus / ゼピュロス王 King Zephyrus (JP)
Nickname/s: Majesty (by everyone), Daddy (by Sherry), Uncle (by Cherry), Fuzzybeard (by Mifune)
Age: 49
Species: Opossum
Gender: Male
Attitude: Good
Adept Type: :bulletred: Mars
Place of Birth: Kingdom of Zephyrus
Current Residence: Kingdom of Zephyrus
Member of: Royalty of Zephyrus
Class: Warlord
Job: Ruler of Zephyrus
Weapons of Choice: Swords, Maces, Staffs
Description: "The king of Zephyrus is the benevolent ruler of the country. His highest goal is to keep his people safe and his country strong. For some, he may look like an old fool, but one should not be deceived by that. The king is, as a ruler should be, very insightful with a keen intellect and has a healthy dose of life experience. Even if he has the need to ask for advice he knows very well whom to trust and whom not. Together with the ones he trusts the most he wants to ensure his kingdom stays a place of happiness and safety. Should the king feel to be forced to take action on the battlefield himself he will unleash frightening firepower barely seen by anyone."

~ Psynergy Abilities:
- Dragon Cloud and Epicenter | :bulletred: Mars | Signature Attacks
- Lava Shower Series: Lawa Shower, Molten Bath and Magma Storm | :bulletred: Mars
- Fume Series: Fume, Serpent Fume and Dragon Fume | :bulletred: Mars
- Heat Wave Series: Heat Wave and Liquefier | :bulletred: Mars
- Impair Series: Impair and Debilitate | :bulletred: Mars

~ Djinni Information:
Name: Tinder / フェニキ Phoenic (JP)
Species: :bulletred: Mars Djinni
Ability Effect: Revives a downed ally with 100% of its HP.
Set Bonuses: +12 HP | +5 PP

How They Met:
-Coming Soon-
Golden Sun Franchise | Mars Djinni "Tinder" © Camelot Software Planning
Rocket Knight Franchise | King Zephyrus © Konami
Artwork © :iconkokoaminto:/:iconkokoaminto-archives:
Created With: MyPaint
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Oooh! Nice work Koko :3
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Thanks, though honestly I still think that the king has a very odd color choice in some way. I like the blue/orange somehow, but when I see the blond hair... somehow it doesn't really fit XD But thank you nonetheless!
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Wunderschöne Arbeit!