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[RK x GS] Thistle and Haze

Character  Thistle AsteralesCharacter  HazeLocation  Rocket Knight Universe
Fan/Original Character #4: Thistle Asterales.
~ Character Information:
Name: Thistle Asterales / シスル・アスターラーゼ Thistle Asterales (JP)
Nickname/s: -Not Available-
Age: 18
Species: Opossum
Gender: Male
Attitude: Good
Adept Type: :bulletpurple: Jupiter
Place of Birth: Kingdom of Zephyrus
Current Residence: Kingdom of Zephyrus
Member of: -Not Available-
Class: -Not Available-
Job: -Not Available-
Weapons of Choice: -Not Available-
Description: -Not Available-

~ Psynergy Abilities: -Not Available-
- | :bulletpurple: Jupiter | Signature Attack
- | :bulletpurple: Jupiter
- | :bulletpurple: Jupiter
- | :bulletpurple: Jupiter
- | :bulletpurple: Jupiter

~ Djinni Information:
Name: Haze / ハイド Hide (JP)
Species: :bulletpurple: Jupiter Djinni
Ability Effect: Turns targeted ally invisible for one turn, making them invulnerable to all attacks.
Set Bonuses: +10 HP | +2 Defense | +3 Agility | +2 Luck

~ How They Met:
-Not Available-
Golden Sun Franchise | Jupiter Djinni "Haze" © Camelot Software Planning
Rocket Knight Franchise © Konami
Thistle Asterales © :iconcatcoalatte:
Artwork © :iconkokoaminto:/:iconkokoaminto-archives:
Created With: MyPaint
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