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[RK x GS] Gedol and Bolt

Character  King GedolCharacter  BoltLocation  Rocket Knight Universe
King Gedol, the main antagonist of the SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis sequel installment Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2.

Thanks to :iconmetalbyakko: for helping me out with the Character Profile.
~ Character Information:
Name: King Gedol / 魔道王ゲドル Mage King Gedol (JP)
Nickname/s: None
Age: Unknown
Species: Reptile
Gender: Male
Attitude: Neutral
Adept Type: :bulletpurple: Jupiter
Place of Birth: Gedol Empire
Current Residence: Gedol Empire
Member of: Royalty of Gedol
Class: Warlock
Job: Ruler of Gedol
Weapons of Choice: Staffs and Wands
Description: "The King of Gedol, whose true name is unknown, rules over the arcane kingdom of the lizardfolk. Before he became the king he was an accomplished student of the arts of witchcraft and wizardry, quickly gained the titles of a warlock and an archmage. Even now as the king of a nation he still spends a lot of his time in his private chambers studying. Still one shouldn't underestimate him, he may be unpredictable but still very competent. He knows how to use his wits more than just for sorcery. No matter if ally or enemy, one should keep an eye on the ruler of Gedol."

~ Psynergy Abilities:
- Drain and Psy Drain | :bulletpurple: Jupiter | Signature Attacks
- Thunderclap Series: Thunderclap, Thunderbolt and Thunderhead | :bulletpurple: Jupiter
- Whirlwind Series: Whirlwind, Tornado and Tempest | :bulletpurple: Jupiter
- Dull Series: Dull and Blunt | :bulletpurple: Jupiter
- Bind | :bulletpurple: Jupiter

~ Djinni Information:
Name: Bolt / サージ Surge (JP)
Species: :bulletpurple: Jupiter Djinni
Ability Effect: Jupiter-aligned physical attack, adding 40% more damage while inflicting the stun status.
Set Bonuses: +10 HP | +5 Attack

How They Met:
-Coming Soon-
Golden Sun Franchise | Jupiter Djinni "Bolt" © Camelot Software Planning
Rocket Knight Franchise | King Gedol © Konami
Artwork © :iconkokoaminto:/:iconkokoaminto-archives:
Created With: MyPaint
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Oh snap this is a rare thing to see! Love Rocket Knight!
KokoaMinto's avatar
I love Rocket Knight as well. Huge fan of it since 1994 (though I just grew up with the SNES Spin-Off, haha! But friends and internet are magical things~). It truely needs more recognition! Love to draw the shit out of this Franchise X'D
ChiptheHedgehog's avatar
Der sieht ja richtig Hammer aus tolle Details :D
KokoaMinto's avatar
Vielen lieben Dank. Hat auch echt lange damals gedauert, ihn zu zeichnen x'D
ChiptheHedgehog's avatar
Gern geschehen :D
das sieht man aber die Mühe hat sich gelohnt ;D
MetalByakko's avatar
He looks really awesome, love his design and how well it looks in your style :D
KokoaMinto's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like the outcome of it. Though I feel like the eye is sort of wrong... so I might overwork that one XD
MetalByakko's avatar
Yeah, but on the other hand that guy DOES have some strange eyes. XD
KokoaMinto's avatar
Well better strange eyes than a strange mother with the name of Stubb XD
MetalByakko's avatar
But Gedol has both XD
KokoaMinto's avatar
Does it make him the champion of worst design and worst family? XD
MetalByakko's avatar
hhhmm...I think not XD
KokoaMinto's avatar
Good! ...I think? XD
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