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[RK x GS] Gedol and Bolt (Linework)

Character  King GedolCharacter  BoltLocation  Rocket Knight Universe
Original Upload: 25th February 2017
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Final Version:
King Gedol. Ruler over Gedol Empire and final boss in Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 for the SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis. The more-or-less good sequel to the original Rocket Knight Adventures.

Not much is known about Gedol besides of the fact that he rules over a kingdom that is somewhat of a mixture between magic and ninjutsu-based abilities. He himself is not only a strong wizard but also one of the few examples of final bosses that is able to switch the bodies during the battle. Though I do not really like the game story-wise Gedol really caught me off-guard with this body swap magic he possesses. Very neat idea!

Gedol's little companion is Bolt, a Jupiter Djinni that deals a Jupiter-aligned attack that has a damage modifier of x1.4, and he's also able to stun his enemies. Since Gedol can swap the bodies with his enemies I thought that the chance of stunning the enemy would be a good choice. It sure makes it easier to switch roles if the enemy can't run away.
Golden Sun Franchise | Jupiter Djinni "Bolt" © Camelot Software Planning
Rocket Knight Franchise | King Gedol © Konami
Artwork © :iconkokoaminto-archives:/:iconkokoaminto:
Created With: MyPaint
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