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[RK x GS] Armor and Chasm (Linework)

Original Upload: 15th April 2014
Sketch Version:
Final Version:
Doing a little... crossover thing here? I don't really know if you can call that a crossover or a collaboration... I'd say Collab since I don't really like crossovers. Anyway!

It's the first time I did a picture of Armor actually, so be glad you can finally see his face rather than just reading his name! And heck what does he have on his side? A very lovely Venus Djinni from the Golden Sun Franchise!

Yeah, I'm totally into Golden Sun, and the reason why I did this kind of "Collab" between Rocket Knight and Golden Sun is... because both Series's are set in middle age. While Rocket Knight is more focused on SteamPunk-ish elements Golden Sun is more about using Magic (or Psynergy how it's called within the franchise) and small little creatures called Djinns which increase the stats of their owners. Those Djinns are separated into the 4 basic elements Earth (Venus), Fire (Mars), Wind (Jupiter) and Water (Mercury) and are 'pure' energy of the 4 elements themselves, represented in different designs (since Golden Sun: Dark Dawn) and abilities.

Though the gameplay and overall Story between those two franchises are totally different I still think it is possible to kind of 'combine' them in certain aspects, even Golden Sun has a lot of high-tech stuff going on within their world that is all controlled by the power of Psynergy.

Whatever, enjoy the picture of Armor and Chasm!

I used Chasm as Armor's sidekick because of its ability to reduce any kind of damage to 90%, for me a pretty big beast underneath all the Djinns (of all elements, not Venus only) that are more of defensive usage. Armor's a big guy who has a lot of physical strength but he can lag defense whenever he's distracted, so Chasm might be the right choice to cover low defense stats for not only himself but the entire team.
Golden Sun Franchise | Venus Djinni "Chasm" © Camelot Software Planning
Rocket Knight Franchise © Konami
Armadur "Armor" Maguerrero © :iconmetalbyakko:
Artwork © :iconkokoaminto-archives:/:iconkokoaminto:
Created with: MyPaint
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