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The cover for my newest Novel by kokiriforestresident The cover for my newest Novel :iconkokiriforestresident:kokiriforestresident 1 0
A Hero's Return
A Hero's New Determination
Lon-Lon Ranch was as good as new. The Kokiri had done a wonderful job helping with the rebuild. To thank the forest children and to welcome her hero back, Malon prepared a large feast. The events took place outside but as Link was still recovering, he was unable to join in the festivities. While everyone was enjoying them self, all the ladies, including Zelda brought him something and tried to help his recovery.
"I'm sorry we all bombarded you like this. We just know how important it is for you to get better. At one point, you helped us all. You lived through a lot. One failure is nothing to mope about."
Zelda looked around at everyone and knew that they all wanted to say the same thing as she just had.
"Yes, as a hero I must put my life at risk countless times to save a land in which I live in from the clutches of darkness. I cannot choose my life. It was decided for me at
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A Hero's Return
Chapter 15
A Light in the Ever Darkness
A portal opened and two new beings of unknown origin stepped through. One wearing green and the other wore rags fashioned into a most revealing outfit. A small group of animals scattered in fear as the two emerged. When the portal vanished behind them, so too did most of the light that had just illuminated their entry.
"You do realize that there isn't much you can do from here on right?"
Nabooru shook her head and attempted to explain herself as she had done the whole way through the portal.
"How do you expect to get back once you get you sword reunited with its other half? You will need help. Admit it. Just because you were chosen by the Goddesses, that doesn't mean you need to be alone, besides, what about that annoying little fairy that you normally have following you."
He had completely forgotten. Flipping through his tunic and pockets, he eventually happe
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A Hero's Return
Chapter 14
A Key to Darkness
Link felt awkward at his return. He had a lot to think about but that would have to wait. His only priority now was to return the Master Sword to full strength. It was easier said than done as he had no idea how to actually reach the underworld. He had just made it outside of the Sanctuary when he noticed Zad lying against a nearby tree. He rushed over to check on him for only a second before making his way out of the woods.
“It seems he is only sleeping. He should wake in time.”
In Link's determination, he didn't realize Navi had awoken and follwed him.
“Link, I can somehow remember things that I have not witnessed.”
“I think I have an idea why that is, but for now we need to get the other part of the sword back.”
Navi nodded and after confirming that Zad was fine, they headed out. Due to Lost Woods losing its ability to hide the Sanctuary, they were back ou
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A Hero's Return
Chapter 13 
A Hero's Return
Though the fight was over and everyone was resting, Link knew that the worst was yet to come. Nobody realized it but Nayru was still hanging around. She was patiently waiting for everyone to recover enough, especially Link. What she would do next would take another toll on him and even his friends.
It was evening once again when everyone was fully rested and healed enough. Even Saria was able to regain most of her energy. Nayru stayed back and watched everyone but now she saw it was time for her to butt in. Using her ability to float, she rose high enough to gain everyone's attention.
“Now that everyone has had time to rest, it is time to bring the Hero of Time back.”
Everyone gathered just below to listen to her words.
“This process will be painful both physically and mentally. Even a few of you will feel the effects. Do not worry as they will only be memories
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A Hero's Return
Chapter 12
The Puppeteers' Game
“What do we do now?”
Zad stared at the message that was burned into the ground. It wasn't until Pip woke up and freaked out that Link snapped out of his shock.
“WE do nothing. It seems I am needed alone.”
Link immediately took Navi and placed her when Pip had just been lying. He checked all of his gear before setting off. As he was about to enter Lost woods once more, he was stopped by a beautiful voice.
“If you face this enemy as you are now, you will only fail.”
What he thought was in his head was actually right behind him. He turned around to see an image of a beautiful woman in a gorgeous blue dress. Her hair was a beautiful brown. She floated in the middle of where the message sat.
“There is no time to explain. That will have to
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Chapter 5: The Temple of Death
Link was the most shocked as he began remembering that in the other timeline, the King had a daughter named Ruto who he had luckily escaped marrying. Having a son along with a daughter was a bit too much to take in. The King continued on with his little speech as Link regained his senses.
"However, we did catch wind of some monsters attempting to make their way up the river. I know they aren't who you're looking for but that may point you in the right direction."
"What happened to them? Also, is there any chance that they had any hand in harming Jabu-Jabu?"
Link knew what the answer would be but if there was any other information he could get out of the giant fish king, he was prepared to ask the dumbest of questions to get it.
"As you know Hero of Time, our Domain is well protected not just by the waters of Hyrule, but Nayru herself. As the ruler of the life of the lands, I doubt that a few meek monsters could get in."
King Zora adjusted himself and let out a loud moan of comfort as h
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Chapter 4: In the Belly of the Beast
The Guardian of the Zoras, Jabu-Jabu, was in great danger; more so than Link had remembered from his last encounter. To think, that a fish of such power could fall victim so easily. Nonetheless, Link knew that he had to do what he could because not only were the Zoras in trouble, his friends needed help as well.
Kaepora Gaebora dropped both Link and Saria off just in front of the great fish's maw. The size was just as massive as he remembered. Link looked up to see the old owl fly off into the distance. He then looked over to Saria who had the proper reaction of being a bit nervous. The fish acknowledged their arrival and began to open its mouth. The two walked in with just a little hesitation. Though Link knew what to expect, the fact that they were entering a giant fish was still a disturbing thought.
Inside wasn't quite as large as Link remembered but it was still roomy. Unlike his last visit, however, Link had felt that something was a bit off. The fleshy walls had a look of d
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You are not a Bird (Commission Request)
Requested by: ankh22
    Parks are a beautiful place to be; So much more so in the summer. As Sarah and Katie loved playing outside, the park was among their favorite places to be. Even though they were sisters, they seemed to be attached at the hip. There was nothing that they didn’t do together. Sarah, who was 7, and the eldest, was an outgoing and intelligent girl. Katie, though only 5, and the youngest, wasn’t as bright, but she got by. Aside from her sudden fascination in the most random of things, she had a knack for blurting the craziest of ideas. One of these crazy ideas happened to be during their latest adventure around their favorite park.
    The Sun was shining bright and not a cloud was in sight. It was by far the most promising day of that summer. Sarah, with her sundress and Katie in her overalls red overalls were the pinnacle of cute as others watched them walk hand in hand along the main path that surrounded the lake
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We are a Rainbow
We are a rainbow. The world is not just vanilla. Jason, a young and intelligent boy, would soon come to figure this out. He questioned everything he did not know. A simple walk around outside was never silent. Even though the questions never ended, Jason’s mother was happy to answer every last one.
The questions were almost always simple. Why are the trees so big, or how does the grass not grow through the sidewalk? However, one day Jason began to ask some questions that his mother had hoped to hear one day.
While on a normal walk outside, Jason had noticed a woman about the same height as his mother. He noticed something was very different.
“Mommy, why is that lady brown?”
She knelt down and simply replied “because her ancestors came from a different Country. Their skin is different from ours.”
“Okay mommy”
The mother got up and they continued on their walk.
After they turned a corner, Jason saw and he
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Illusion: Chapter 7
Felicity acknowledged his request. She knew it was coming. She made sure every one was inside and that the door was barricaded again. She rumaged through her many drawers; most of which were filled with ingridients for potions.
Liam watched as she grabbed a large assortmant of plants and seeds he had never seen before. Her hands were full in a matter of moments. She ran back into her little kitchen and with a nod she used some of her magic to start the stove and make a pot float onto one of the burners. “Liam, for now, I need you to place your hand onto the box and memorize the sword. This will not only train you how to use your gauntlet, it will also prepare your mind to take the sword when the protective barrier fades.” Felicity put the rest of her concentration on the potion while Link followed her instructions.
He placed his hand and just stared. He somehow knew to also close his eyes. It was as if he already knew what the sword
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Illusion: Chapter 6


       Back at the Antique shop Liam and Nikki pulled up to Mike and Felicity having a conversation just outside. She     turned     to Liam and gave him a look of disappointment. “So nice of you to return” There was a bit of sarcasm and anger in Felicity’s tone. She ushered everyone back into the store while Liam was shutting off the bike. “I know you are new to this but I expected so much more out of you.” She shook her head in disappointment and headed inside with the others. Inside they all gathered in the back again. “What happened today may have been a surprise to us all but Liam did live up to my” she was cut short as Liam interrupted her.
    “Excuse me but I could have found a way to get rid of them.”
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Illusion Cover (New) by kokiriforestresident Illusion Cover (New) :iconkokiriforestresident:kokiriforestresident 0 0
Chapter 3: A Book, a Key, and a Secret
    A town nearly in shambles, Kakariko village still stood after an onslaught from the undead. The town that housed the protectors of the Hylian family proved it was just as strong as its denizens were. Just as quickly as most of the buildings toppled, the townsfolk had been working hard to rebuild their home.
    The first to be completed was Impa’s. The home not only housed the guardian of the princess, it also housed very valuable information regarding the past of both the Hylian family and the whole land of Hyrule; including the long forgotten tales of treasures left by the Goddesses. If you wanted to find an object that could help destroy evil, Kakariko should be your first stop. As for Saria, who was still new to the world outside of the forest, she didn’t know what to expect on this trip. The last time she had visited, they were attacked and had to fight the undead. This time however, things were much more peaceful aside from
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Chapter 2: A Once Proud King
    A Town built on peace and pride, a place where all are equally welcome. Castle Town is the main hub for all the races of Hyrule. You need something; you can most likely find it in Castle Town market. Just above the lively market sat the home of a dreaming princess and a King who is losing hope in his kingdom. Zelda rushed passed her people with urgency. If not for what she was wearing, she would have easily been noticed. She had on farmer clothes and her long blond hair had been tucked under a straw hat.
    Making sure she was undetected, she made her way to the gates just below the castle and finally revealed herself.
    “I need to speak to my father. It is of the utmost importance.”
    The guards, though looking as if they had seen a ghost, let her through. They were unsure what to make of the situation. Instead of pondering the situation too much, they went on with their work.
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Chapter 1: A Test of Love
    Though the Darkness was slowing, the forest in which Link had called home looked as if it came from a nightmare. With everything that had happened, he had no time to take in all the damage. All that mattered now was that the Kokiri were safe and no one, besides the Deku tree had died. He vowed to keep it that way.
    Link looked around as he walked through up the path to Lost Woods. He remembered feeling useless the last time they were all there. If not for his friends, he would have died before being re awakened.
    Navi had perched herself on Link's shoulder the whole way back.
    "What are you going to do about Dark Link? He vanished again. With him still around, things will be more difficult."
    "I know. I now know how to defeat him but the last battle left us with no chance. We just need to let him find us. It won't be long. Trust me."
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Short Books/ebooks
I will write a short book for you, either as a gift for someone or, your own personal enjoyment. I will even turn this into an ebook if requested. Because this request is heavy, I ask that if you need it by a certain date, to please give me enough notice beforehand. Also, if you have a cover image you want to use, you can contact me through SKYPE and send it there.

Ebook formats:

Plot: (If you have one in mind)
Any other details that you want to add
Number of Chapters minimum

If you are unsure which format you need, I will send you the whole package so no need to worry about knowing what you need.
Full novel
I will write your own personal novel (chapter amount requested) for your own enjoyment. This request is the heaviest and although I do not have a job as of now, I ask that you give this one time as well. I know some people can write a whole book in a month but sadly I cannot.

This Commission can also come with an ebook format. As above, you can contact me for images you wish to use.

Plot: (If you have one in mind)
Any other details that you want to add
Number of Chapters minimum


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