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Wow, Deviant, I really HATE your new uploading system. Why did you change it? The old one wasn't obnoxious enough? The new one SURE IS.

gah, change is always bad, Always.

So anyway. Prince Zuko. "Middles" prompt, illicitly stolen from the fanart100 club thing. I had trouble thinking of something that wasn't lame for this, so I went to wikipedia and lo, the Law of Excluded Middle. Which basically is about having only two choices, with no room for compromise or "middle" ground. Which made me think of Zuko in the Blue Spirit episode, at the end when he was all obviously not happy with what the Fire Nation was making out of his life. It isn't as clear a correlation now that I'm trying to explain it... but like, he has to choose between his loyalty to his family/country, and his-own- happiness/doing-what's-right? And stuff?

Also, ZOMG, Christy put genuine effort into a background. No, wait! Don't die of shock, I need your comments!
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Oh I like this a lot.  :meow:  I always enjoy it when we get to see just little moments like this that wouldn't necessarily appear on screen.

Agh.  Poor Zuko.  So conflicted.  I love his character, and you've really brought it out here.  :)
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I know you drew this in 2006, but dude. AMAZING.
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Really awesome!I never really could hate Zuko cause his life is so crappy and screwed up...
But anyway,well done!
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I love that episode and I think this just perfectly captures the whole feel of it. That whole sublte disapointment that he won't ever admit to ("Do you think we could have been friends...?") Epic, epic :+fav:
aw, he actually looks like a kid. not like a kid-kid, but a teenage-kid.
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Gorgeous, lighting and coloring. I sorta miss that dark angry season 1 Zuko.
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very imperassive!! the lighting is wonderful!! fabulous job!!!
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Well, you know, it was in that scene. Not my fault ^^
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I have to comment Zuko for doing something. I'd just have freaked out and probably made a mess of things, too, but still...

I love the concern on his face...
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*gasps* This is ...BEAUTIFUL...*clears throat*... I mean great artwork :blush:
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Eh, I full-viewed it, read your description, and then went back to browsing....and then I decided that I couldn't leave without a comment, and so came back here.

Impressive work. Love the background.
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Thanks for coming back :)

I put so much more work than usual into that background. I fear I shall now have to hold myself to this standard from now on.
It's a wonderful peice. Nice use of colors and everything blends well. It's like he and the room are one.
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It's like he and the room are one.

Thank you so much! That's always something I struggle with; making the character fit with the background and not feel out of place.
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wow, that's good. I really like his pose, and the coloring. And I totally get what you were saying about Zuko and the Law of Excluded Middles.
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Ah, good, I worried that I kind of went on a ramble that made no sense ^^; I'm not very good at... articulating my thoughts.
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*has died from too much exposure to teh totally HAWT Zuko awesomeness that ~kokiri85 has created. Not from shock of the background, which, by the way, is the shit*

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Oh dear! Well, as long as I got a comment out of it...
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I really like this, it's one of the few were Zuko isn't in a action pose, we need more of these. I just love the lineart. Simply beautiful :heart:
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I personally should probably do more action poses; I tend to prefer quieter stuff like this and don't get enough practice with motion. But in general? I totally agree, he look sso nice just sitting and brooding.

Thank you :)
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And oh my goodness, that mat must have taken forever. o__O
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