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[WoC] Jaulon


Basic info                                 

Leaf (left) Name: Jäulon
Leaf (left) Breed: Pureblood forest horse
Leaf (left) Line: Forest line
Leaf (left) Sex: Male
Leaf (left) Date of birth: 25th of March 
Leaf (left) Height: 185 cm
Leaf (left) Color: Chestnut / Bay
Leaf (left) Markings: Paint
Leaf (left) Perks: boar tusks
Leaf (left) Transmogs: Class change (mammalication - deer)
Leaf (left) Eyes: Blue

Leaf (left) Personality: Energetic, impatient, carefree, brave, solitary

Leaf (left) Rider: KoKino (Ref. image not yet)
Leaf (left) Stables: Reswicarm stables
Leaf (left) Breeder: Brissinge 


* Elite 3rd class - lvl 3 (178 Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! ) in Colderrian mount ranking


H: Halter Dot Bullet (Turquoise) - F2U!  | D: Dressage Dot Bullet (Yellow Green) - F2U!  | C: Cross- country Dot Bullet (Red Orange) - F2U!  | S: Show jumping Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U!  | O: Other Dot Bullet (Dark Purple) - F2U!  | M: Mini event Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U!  

Dot Bullet (Brown) - F2U! M Wolf's run Don't look back! +19 Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! + extra picture Little break +8 Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U!

Pictures with him                        


From others:

[PC] Forest horse by SpiritWindcaper +1 Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U!
|Gift| KINGS by Kukkin +1 Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Thank you Heart 


- Breeding picture is needed
- If you want to get a breeding slot: Dot Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! Write me a note or write comment Dot Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! 

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! 10 / 10




Used stock: [link] :iconfillyrox:
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