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Even if they say they are not.
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Pondscum Clan Page 4 by KokePasu Pondscum Clan Page 4 :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 11 3 Pondscum Clan Page 3 by KokePasu Pondscum Clan Page 3 :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 1 1 Pondscum Clan Page 2 by KokePasu Pondscum Clan Page 2 :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 1 0 Pondscum Clan Page 1 by KokePasu Pondscum Clan Page 1 :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 2 0 Commission by KokePasu Commission :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 5 0 Alluring Secret Belarus x Liechtenstein by KokePasu Alluring Secret Belarus x Liechtenstein :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 54 6 Ravenpaw and Barley by KokePasu Ravenpaw and Barley :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 16 8
How can you?
How can you tell if a liar is lying?
If a liar says they are telling the truth,
then surely the liar is lying to you.  
How can you know if your lover loves you?
Love from the heart and love from the body
can be distinguished if you look closely.
How can you feel if you cannot touch?
The eyes will only get you so far;
without fingertips what else is there?
How can you learn if you're hidden?
Kept from the world, eyes are obscured;
blind to what is outside your door.
How can you see right from wrong?
When all you know is what you
have been told and taught for years.
How can you cry tearless?
When your eyes are all dry,
stone faced and so empty.
How can you remain?
After all that you
have been thrown into.
How can you die?
After such a
short, tiny life.
How can you?
:iconkokepasu:KokePasu 5 2
Saucy Seme by KokePasu Saucy Seme :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 13 3 Emerald Fortune by KokePasu Emerald Fortune :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 22 12
The Day Boy and the Night Boy Chapter One
Watho was a strange sorceress that lived in a large mansion. Her purpose in life was to gain knowledge of everything. You could search all of your life and never find the mansion that she lived in, as it was in another plane of existence; tucked away in a pocket of space in the fabric of the universe. She never went outside unless absolutely necessary; always wrapped up in her studies. Watho, for this reason, was the palest creature you could imagine. Her face looked as if it was a rhombus carved from bleached ivory, and was framed by wavy red hair. Watho's dark eyes were calm, until you looked deep into them and saw the flame burning inside them, like coal that had a flicker of fire underneath it.
There was a wolf inside of her, clawing and scratching and howling within her skull, begging to be released. The beast inside of her was slowly drawing Watho to insanity, although she tried to ignore it. Sometimes the constant fight with the wolf was too much, and Watho would collapse.
:iconkokepasu:KokePasu 6 10
Pickled Plum by KokePasu Pickled Plum :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 20 4
The End's Dreamer Chapter Two (Yaoi)
Eve's POV
   My name is Eve. Yes, I’m a man. And my life so far has been extremely boring. Like a bat, I sleep during the day and was awake at night. I had to do that to make sure the lighthouse that I worked stayed functional all night. I had to keep the fire lit and turn the crank to make the glass lenses rotate every two hours.
I’d rather turn the crank than have bloated corpses from ships that crashed on the rocks wash up onto the island. I couldn’t go down and push them back to the sea, so they just kind of sat there as seagulls pecked at their slowly decomposing faces. You are welcome for the image. The reason that I couldn’t go and dispose of the corpses was that I was stuck up in that godforsaken lighthouse.
I never even saw anyone that was alive except for my “guardian”. He wasn’t of any blood relation to me, and we both knew it. He visited about once a week and brought me food and other necessary things. My guardian kind of
:iconkokepasu:KokePasu 7 5
Lamina Cor by KokePasu Lamina Cor :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 4 6
The End's Dreamer Chapter One (Yaoi)
Iyra's POV
   My brothers would always tell me stories of the world of the two legged creatures. They have all been up there before, above the white crested, crashing waves. They told stories of blue skies and large wooden crafts with white wings that navigate the sea. There were feathered creatures that could fly high above our ocean home. White, fluffy formations called clouds moved across the wide expanse of sky.
   Most importantly, though, there was a rocky island and a tall, pointy building that shot light into the air. My brothers said that you could see a human boy up in that tower controlling the beams of light.
   “What if I can’t find the surface when I’m old enough to swim to the world above?” I had asked my eldest brother, when I was very young.
He laughed at that, and said, “It’s impossible to miss, you just swim straight up.” I listened with eyes opened wide and mouth gaping open, my spirit full of w
:iconkokepasu:KokePasu 7 11
Fraoula by KokePasu Fraoula :iconkokepasu:KokePasu 12 2

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Haku by AlviaAlcedo Haku :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 6,612 956 mirage noir by kumashige mirage noir :iconkumashige:kumashige 1,746 69 Achilles 3d Stereoscopic cross eye view by AleJorquera
Mature content
Achilles 3d Stereoscopic cross eye view :iconalejorquera:AleJorquera 281 24
Cap3 by InfinitEDawN Cap3 :iconinfinitedawn:InfinitEDawN 50 2
closed for drawing and review
Thanks for all of you support. 
I am happy to receive support from all of you.
so lovely and adorable,
I cannot reply all the comment on time, i will reply after i decide / going / consider to draw :D
as i need time to review:D please ensure u wrote the journal and watching me.^^
i am keeping drawing:D

i would like to draw a 'simple' black and white pencil sketch. 
**************************************Black and white~!pencil~!
( i cannot draw complex out fit since i want to make simple fun only, i may draw simple headshot)
would you mind to share your OC here? tell me something about your oc, 
I would like to know more about your OC :)
please give me a references link
I will select some people oc to draw in pencil sketch. and group in one big picture (not first come first serve)
********************************************************I  will select , select what i want to draw..
:iconangiewaiwai:angiewaiwai 25 193
My first baby by TatsuHanaKo My first baby :icontatsuhanako:TatsuHanaKo 1 0 love dragons by TatsuHanaKo love dragons :icontatsuhanako:TatsuHanaKo 1 0 Haruka -- Greyscale painting by Curulin Haruka -- Greyscale painting :iconcurulin:Curulin 65 43
Sakura-Con 2014
I looked at the schedule for this year and thought, we'll have a lot of free time to sing and dance and such at Sakura-Con this year... Nope!
I'll try to keep this short >w< "We" usually refers to me and YuPuffin but sometimes I was with xTreefin and her friends as well. This year I didn't get very many pictures because the majority of the time when I recognized a character, it was a bad time (e.g. it was in the Exhibitor's Hall, we/they were going somewhere or just leaving something)
Day 0
Got there at about 4 and stayed for an hour. Dressed as my Pokémon gijinka character Acantha and carried Timcanpy from D.Gray-Man around. Three people recognized me as part of the Pidgey evolution line (success) and one person recognized Tim. Also found out that my wings actually work okay as hands!
Day 1
Dressed as Megurine Luka from Vocaloid for most of the day and then Magnet Luka for the ball (I wore the costume that she wears in
:iconaki-rain:Aki-rain 1 6
(fiolee) the one page 34 by mbrittney (fiolee) the one page 34 :iconmbrittney:mbrittney 47 15
Let me drown
Save me with the water
Drop me in the deep end
Cuz darling I can't swim
Leave me there to float
Somebody might fish me out
But by then I'm sure to be a goner
So forget me and find another route
But don't dig up my grave
Bury me
Bury me deep down
At 3:04am
But darling I find you quite cruel
To tell me that you'd help me
Then tell me you've changed your mind
But that's what happens when you bargain
With the Devil
He don't care about you my friend
He's already liveD
He's already died
That's why he changed his name
from Lived
to Devil.
Because his whole existence is wrong
And if he can't live again
Nobody can
But don't blame him
He's just a lonely Devil
Looking for some company
Just willing to sacrifice something to Live again
You're the fool
I'm the fool
For giving him that company
When he just don't deserve it.
(Don't drown me, because that's a crime. But if you let me swim in the deep end and turn your back, I guess it's okay. Then I'll just say, "No good sir, the
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 10 1
6 HOURS: O: EEVEELUTION AUCTION by minnoux 6 HOURS: O: EEVEELUTION AUCTION :iconminnoux:minnoux 1,851 171 CLOSED: Point Adopts #1 by Kura-Pyon CLOSED: Point Adopts #1 :iconkura-pyon:Kura-Pyon 31 11
Cheap Hetalia commissions
I know it's not right to post this here
but if anyone is interest having a cheap hetalia commission just send a note
:iconhetalianationsunite:HetaliaNationsUnite 4 4
Finn Childrens: Respondiendo preguntas 2 by malengil Finn Childrens: Respondiendo preguntas 2 :iconmalengil:malengil 438 104





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I would like to get some points for future contests ^^ Check out the Commission prices below! <3

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Headshot/ Half-Body
I will draw 1-3 character's headshot or half-body in full-color.
Fullcolor Chibi
I will draw one or more of your OCs or characters from a fandom chibi and full-color
One-Shot Fanfiction
I will write a one-shot for a pairing or about one of your ocs. I will do yaoi/ yuri, but not any lemons.
A Full- Color 3-5 frame animation of an OC or character from a fandom.
Fullcolor Whole Body
I will draw any 1-2 characters fullbody in full-color.
For all of those who care- I've been struggling with all of my schoolwork lately, as well as my anxiety and depression. I haven't felt motivated to really upload anything on this account. :c Don't worry, I'll still use it, just less often. 

And... another thing.. About a year ago, I created another account. One where I don't know any of my watchers in real life. One I feel more creative freedom on, and I can be myself more. If you want to know what account that it is, feel free to ask c: I'll note you and tell you. 

I feel bad for not telling you guys, but I guess I was just embarrassed to show you more of myself and open up. ^^" But I'm opening up now to you. I've begun to accept who I am more, and I'm willing to share it. I realized that, while my own insecurities make my interests seem like a big deal, they are small in reality. 
  • Listening to: Oceano
  • Reading: No Man Knows My History
  • Watching: Torchwood
  • Playing: Twilight Princess
  • Eating: Coconut Popsicles
  • Drinking: Lemonade ^ ^



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