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haldthin WIP-color stages by kojith haldthin WIP-color stages by kojith
alright, new pic people, and a new muse up to show, i have another pic floating around tiny pic as well, though i'm not as proud of it as i am this one.

speaking of which, this is just the cleaned up draft will be adding her clothes then fur later, after i've had some sleep.

abit of info on the char, she's a faun/dragonelse hybrid, which is why her tail is very different then others of her kind, wich also exsplains why my muse of her has a few sharp teeth and claws. and yes, that's a navi style fiary following her, though it doesn't tak(thank god!). she has a sweet disposition, but can be quite bull headed and stuborn when she wants to be, and the sweet smile hides a terrible temper. not fun dealing with her when she's pissed and in my head @_@. her name 'haldthin' translates to 'thornapple' a fitting name i thought XD, and those that have read the inheiratance cycle so far will get the ref int he name.

hald belong to me, so no usey for you!
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December 16, 2010
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