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DILP Meme: Phantom of the Opera



Link to blank meme. [link]

Arguably Erik, AKA The Phantom of the Opera, has always been intended to evoke sympathy from the readers, at least by the end of the story. Though, in my early years as a fan, I used to downplay his psychotic side. Fortunately, I've grown to accept that despite his tragic back story, his brilliant mind, and his desire to be accepted, he's still a very unstable and dangerous man who's not afraid to kill trespassers, and threaten to blow up the entire Opera House. Hug at your own risk.


What I Should See: Not 100 percent faithful to his Leroux appearance (too much hair), but I decided draw the Scorpion and Grasshopper scene to illustrate the homicidal aspect that I used to downplay.

What I Actually See (When I was 15): Mostly based off the ALW musical, since it was the version that first introduced to the story. The deformity underneath the wig and half mask is similar to the stage make-up, but with a couple Leroux traits, like the yellow eye color and lack of nose. Yellow eyes are sexy!
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Bless you for the scorpion and grasshopper reference x)