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How To Wear Wigs w Long Hair

By kojika
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I always get asked this at cons, when people see me take my wigs off, and ditto to people who know what my real hair looks like, so I went and made this XD Hope it helps~

Just a note, if put your wigs on this way, you CAN style them while wearing them, too. I do, all the time XD
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Thanks for this :D I had a method using two braids, but it's very prone to sliding around so I'll definitely try this out! Plus it looks a lot quicker haha
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it mostly depends on the thickness of your hair. Like if your hair is super thick, you could basically do this same thing but with two braids. I like the one braid though, since my hair is mostly thin enough and I am pretty lazy XD
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Ah I see. I think mine's relatively thick, but I'll still give the one braid a go : )
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As someone with metre long hair, this guide comes really handy as my hair has been preventing me from doing some cosplays I want! :D
Thanks. I will try it at the first opportunity.
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I hope it works for you!
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The straps must not be connected in this way. The straps are attached to the bottom of the base. If you look at the base in the neck is a cloth tape. That's where the straps are engaged :D

Sorry my bad English.
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This is the way I do it, since the other way does not keep it on for me. 
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Hello dear! I also have great hair, but when you do brush or so he uses the board of hair, it is less bulky, then just put a small net and "scatter" the hair inside. is not good because it gets those globs.
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I'm sorry, I don't understand 100% of what you said, but basically, this method is the only method that has worked for me personally. There are other methods and other styles that work for other people, based ontheir type of hair. If I understand what you are trying to say, my hair is far too silky for that. it has to be restrained otherwise it just slips free.
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Desculpe, é que eu não entendo muito Inglês. Eu prefiro japonês !! heuheuheuheuheuhe
mas, enfim, tentar fazer o possível com o tradutor do Google! ou pelo menos me permite !!! hahahahahhahah
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Very very useful info!  Thanks :D
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glad to help :D
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For a friend of mine who just cosplayed for the first time, I stuck the sides of her hair in pincurls and braided the back to put over her head and pin in place. Her hair was not as long as yours, but I was not experienced with putting long hair in a wig cap. (My hair is so thick and coarse that I stick to chin length hair for easy maintenance) it ended up working well enough, though she had sideburns showing. But both of us are blonde, so I knew right away that they could be colored with powder eyeshadow. I used a combination of this and another method to allow for not having a ton of time.
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with my hair, the braiding works just fine, and it doesn't take that long to braid, either. I usually only use like 3-4 hairpins total anymore to keep my hair up, lol
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This is really convenient (and that's why there are those clips in your wig! I only have one wig with them and I never knew they how they would be convenient to use, but now, yay!). The more you know.. ;) Maybe I should start practicing braiding my hair =w= 
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lol, those clips are basically there to adjust the wig to teh size of your head. This is just one use of them (super useful). Good luck!
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I always thought you had to adjust them before you put on the wig, but this way is so much easier (why didn't I see that sooner =w= ) And thanks =3 
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lol I believe that is the intended, but I like thsi way better, too, since every time I put my hair up it can end up differently
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I have to agree with that ;) Oh well, the more you know =3 
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do you know how frickin helpful this is to me?!?!?!

i have super long hair [like even probably the same length as you]
and i thought i could never cosplay cause of it

this is awesome, thank you so much ;v;
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I am glad this could help people! I just get "how do you wear wigs!?" asked a lot cause of my length of hair. And for me, since I was in dance and whatnot growing up, I was already used to it..XD

but cosplay cannot be stopped! MWA HAHA

Good luck with yours :D
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ahh yes thank you V u V

and i sometimes just wanna wear wigs and beanies but cause if my hair, it's always so difficult
ya know

but again thanks for the tutorial ^u^
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I was thinking on cut my long hair because I cannot put wigs!
You're my hero! ;-;

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Glad I could help :heart: I won't cut my hair for anything, or dye it even, so wigs are the way for cosplay XD

haha, thanks~ I love my hair =v=
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