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Current Contests

Current Contests

This journal features current contests that are going on with Zos Kias. ------------- The new Zos Kias contest is open~ Zos Kias "Create Your Own Villain" Contest You guys chose the theme, and this is the winner~ Contest: Create a member of the Covenant of the Luna, the villian in the Zos Kias series.  They can be normal humans, magic users, and even lycanthropes.  You haven't seen too much of this group yet, but they have appeared (Missions 7-9). The Covenant of the Luna's true goal remains unclear, but they are distrupting the order in our world by mixing magic where it doesn't belong. You can read Zos Kias online~! Rules: :bulletred:

[CONTEST] 10.000+ points and IRL goods! (OVER)

[CONTEST] 10.000+ points and IRL goods! (OVER)

AND IT'S OFFICIALLY OVER! Thank you SO much to everyone for entering, I'm flattered by the amount of effort and beautiful works shown for this ♥ In the end, there are 16 entrants, so that's exactly enough for the full 1st place prize, congrats ♥ It's not enough to unlock also the 2nd place, but I may still give out some extra prizes! Me and Rei are gonna judge the entries these days and post results within this week! (as mentioned before, I'm going to leave comments to each and every entry after the results, to avoid showing any preference!) Thanks again to everyone, your works all really brought smiles to me and my brother

*updated $$Contest Time !! Draw my Oc(s)CLOSED !

*updated $$Contest Time !! Draw my Oc(s)CLOSED !

Closed finally !!!!!!- no more entries accepted sorry. Ill have judging done within a few days ~ So as seen from the title I'm holding a contest finally ~ I've started it on Facebook too, but I'm doing it here too ~ anyways its a draw my Ocs contest ~ ☆☆☆☆☆ Phy ☆☆☆☆☆☆ and or ☆☆☆☆☆ Muraki ☆☆☆☆☆ together is an option too ~ Entry rules : + Must be clothed!!!(Bathing suits are okau) + Digital and traditional entries accepted (if you have a story to tell with yours keep it to the description box !) + NO BASES !



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Hi Kojika! it's almost June, so how are you doing? my artistic kick is back even though I'm busy watching the Warriors of Love anime. My lovely Danielle and I were flirting a lot on Discord lately. She likes Star Ocean too. Well! most Jrpgs, but yeah! I love fire rabbit ladies. This one Portuguese girl who is exactly your age now was a total babe, but she's busy and stuff now, but even so, I love my lovely Danielle.

kojikaProfessional Digital Artist

I just finished getting my new poll on my Patreon up for June. I thought of ideas for what to do, so I figured I should schedule it while my brain was still working. I'll actually be doing a livestream of May's poll tomorrow, trying to get back into the swing of doing art on a regular schedule versus my manic schedule that I have now. (I am seriously all over the place, lol). I've mostly just been trying to get a buffer back on Zos Kias in between commissions, and marathoning the entire Gundam franchise as I work. I'm out of a job, so my only income is coming from art, at least until classes start back up in late June (and even then, no guarantee I'll get enough students to have class held). Trying not to fret too much. Keeping busy definitely helps. It's also been nice out, so I'm trying to take walks when I can. I also got to start physical therapy back up again, so some of the pain I have constantly is starting to subside. Plus with it getting warmer, I'm not suffering from as bad of joint pain. Gosh, I feel so old saying that, lol. Autoimmune is to blame though. Itching to get back to making cosplay, but gotta wait til I manage to catch up on finances first.

I didn't you were a teacher, but yeah! I hope that everything will get back to normal. Teachers are the VIPs (especially advanced math teachers like Professor Leonard and I hope to be a part-time algebra teacher or substitute teacher someday) and as for Gundam, I never binge-watched the whole anime franchise, just the ones that I like. Oh btw! I was reading more of The Origin manga and it's awesome.

Other than that, I'm playing FF6 for the first time. I consider myself the jack of all trades in games. More importantly, you are more diligent than I thought, but that's why you're really cool.

kojikaProfessional Digital Artist

Yeah, I teach just for a local art gallery, but have been doing it for over a decade. I've done a variety of classes, but the one that has stayed the entire time is my "Intro to Manga" class, where I teach children how to draw Japanese-style comics. I've also been doing Photoshop classes again (did them way back in the day til we lost our computer lab), so those are always fun. Teaching them online will definitely be a different experience, and I figure this coming week I'll spend some time on actually starting to rework my lectures and set up slide shows for when they start. I considered trying for a substitute teacher since I have lots of hours with teaching (also private tutor, mostly Japanese, but I had one girl I tutored until the pandemic in a variety of subjects like math and social studies, whatever she needed help with).

We visited the Gundam cafe three times while we were in Japan, and I kept saying I should watch them all, especially the ones I missed. So, I finally have the time to, lol. We started with UC timeline first, but we're already pretty far in it. We tried to stay in order so I think we've covered Gundam, War in the Pocket, MS Igloo, 08 MS Team (that's always been one of my favorites), Thunderbolt (what's out), Origins (was amazing), Stardust Memory, Zeta, Double Zeta, Chars Counter Attack, and working through Unicorn now. There are a lot of series to watch, lol, and some of them haven't been amazing, but it's still been interesting. I've become obsessed with Char now though.

I only played a bit of FF6, but I really enjoyed it. I need to finish some of the games I have laying around, but mostly I've just been working on projects while watching my fiance play Subnautica. It's actually a pretty enjoyable game, and I love how dumb we've customized our bases and tools. Not much of a heavy story, but the exploration aspect is exciting. I do have $25 in Best Buy reward money that expires soon, so I'm planning on picking up a game with that. Just not sure as to which yet. Probably an older one, to keep it around that cost.

Hey Kojika! so how are you doing? and 2020 is by far the worst way to start the future. I can't even afford Dragon Quest 11 now.

kojikaProfessional Digital Artist
ugh, 2020 has been very not fun so far, but I'm trying to stay busy. I'm hoping to have some time to catch up on some projects that got delayed, since I'm currently not working. At least my fiance is still working though, and he can handle the rent and all that jazz without me. I got Final Fantasy 7 cause I had already prepaid it, but yeah, not spending a lot of money right now lol

Hey Kojika! glad you're alright and I was just talking to my friend Danielle, who is the same age as you. But yeah! 2020 sucks, which is like year of the filthy black rat (which are as gross as their motherland, China). Oh! and the black rat killed millions during Roman times and millions more during the Middle Ages.