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Hi Kojika, so how are you doing? and yes, January is almost over. Only 12 days left till the new Ox year comes.

In other news, I've completed Calculus 1, but integration will have to wait until after I get my solar panel installer training.

By the way, did you finish Gundam SEED Destiny yet? My friend Mimi said that it was a okay compared to part 1. You know the old saying, "nothing compares to the original".

On the other hand, I can't wait to see how my honeysuckles drawing will turn out. I don't know if your fiancé told you what they mean, but those flowers symbolize devoted affection.

I could have told my first or second girlfriend a long time ago what these flowers represent, but I had no idea botany-wise.

Been having a lot of rough health days again. Spent most of today fighting off a 100+ fever. It finally calmed down. We also got tons of snow, like 8 inches. And it's so cold. I stayed indoors, of course, but still.

I do not miss calculus lol.

Nope, moving slowly through Seed Destiny. Both my fiance and I have been busy with work, so we don't have the time to watch it like we used to. So far I am liking it, though I hate the back peddling development on Cagalli. We'll see where it goes though.

My fiance does not know what flowers mean at all, lol. I'm more likely to know that then he, just because I like random knowledge. But with that said...I did not know them.

I didn't know that you were sick, but I'm glad that you got better now and I hope that I don't ever get a fever despite the fact that I'm as healthy as a horse.

Speaking of snow, I bet that Ohio has tons of it right now. I also remember this ice cold day when I was renewing my passport; felt those chills and humidity in my toes.

As for the honeysuckles drawing that I'm working on, they're the flowers that I used to see everyday in Georgia (indigenous in Spain, Japan and southern China or California). I can almost smell their sweet honey-esque scent after remembering. :)

With nostalgia aside, I hope that you'll have a good evening. I got 7 more episodes of Vision of Escaflowne left to go.

Yeah, I'm still under the weather sadly. I have autoimmune though, so I get sick a lot. Fevers are especially common. I'm just sicker than usual this week.

We got probably about 12 feet here in NW Indiana. It was pretty bad. And definitely cold. It's going to get to negative temperatures this weekend. Ugh.

I like honeysuckles, but yeah, we don't really see them around here save for in flower shops. I don't do much with flowers irl anyways, since I'm allergic to a lot of them.

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I don't know where that double came from, must be technical difficulties. Anyway, happy Aquarius day.

Oh yes! my favorite voice actor Crispin Freeman will have a birthday soon enough and I thought that he was a rat because I read 1972, but he was actually born in the Year of the Pig like the lead singer of The Cranberries.

Other than that, I can't wait to work on my drawing of honeysuckles, the flowers of my old home Georgia.

I don't know much about US voice actors. I respect them, but don't watch dubbed anime and if I can play a game in the original language, I will. I do obsess over some Japanese voice actors though, so I can't say too much. I hear Freeman is a good guy though.

I've bene drawing a lot of emotes lately, both for myself and for commissions. I kinda love it though.

Glad to hear that you found something to enjoy lately.

Oh yeah! It's been a while since I last heard Crispin Freeman with a British accent and I love the way he does villains.

I also can't wait to ace Calculus 1 and some other higher math completely so I can get better jobs. So I'll also be able to devote more of my time with art, whether it's drawing, pottery or watercolor painting.

I thank a certain someone for getting me through those early adulthood blues that I mentioned previously so I can excel in higher math and art. Work for a better future.