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Current Contests

Current Contests

This journal features current contests that are going on with Zos Kias. ------------- The new Zos Kias contest is open~ Zos Kias "Create Your Own Villain" Contest You guys chose the theme, and this is the winner~ Contest: Create a member of the Covenant of the Luna, the villian in the Zos Kias series.  They can be normal humans, magic users, and even lycanthropes.  You haven't seen too much of this group yet, but they have appeared (Missions 7-9). The Covenant of the Luna's true goal remains unclear, but they are distrupting the order in our world by mixing magic where it doesn't belong. You can read Zos Kias online~! Rules: :bulletred:

[CONTEST] 10.000+ points and IRL goods! (OVER)

[CONTEST] 10.000+ points and IRL goods! (OVER)

AND IT'S OFFICIALLY OVER! Thank you SO much to everyone for entering, I'm flattered by the amount of effort and beautiful works shown for this ♥ In the end, there are 16 entrants, so that's exactly enough for the full 1st place prize, congrats ♥ It's not enough to unlock also the 2nd place, but I may still give out some extra prizes! Me and Rei are gonna judge the entries these days and post results within this week! (as mentioned before, I'm going to leave comments to each and every entry after the results, to avoid showing any preference!) Thanks again to everyone, your works all really brought smiles to me and my brother

*updated $$Contest Time !! Draw my Oc(s)CLOSED !

*updated $$Contest Time !! Draw my Oc(s)CLOSED !

Closed finally !!!!!!- no more entries accepted sorry. Ill have judging done within a few days ~ So as seen from the title I'm holding a contest finally ~ I've started it on Facebook too, but I'm doing it here too ~ anyways its a draw my Ocs contest ~ ☆☆☆☆☆ Phy ☆☆☆☆☆☆ and or ☆☆☆☆☆ Muraki ☆☆☆☆☆ together is an option too ~ Entry rules : + Must be clothed!!!(Bathing suits are okau) + Digital and traditional entries accepted (if you have a story to tell with yours keep it to the description box !) + NO BASES !



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Hey Kojika! How was your Thursday? I was re-watching Ah! My Goddess (movie) the other day after 11 years and I forgot how well it aged.

I can also relate to the whole Keiichi-Belldandy shipping quite easily. By the way, Bridget Hoffman did a great job as the goddess.

It's no Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, etc, but it's 100x better than modern anime.

Some of my friends love the Fruits Basket remake, but it's way too girly for my taste. I rather watch Vision of Escaflowne, more than enough for me. Gatekeepers and sequel as of late are more of my style too.

Anyway, I hope your Friday will be a awesome.


Anyway Kojika, how are you doing this January?

I've completed my recent drawing of 009-1 before getting back to reviewing rigorously on differential calculus.

By the way, how is your Gundam binge-watching experience doing? In other news, I'm almost done with Suikoden V. So I can watch more Vision of Escaflowne.

I'm not off to a great year thus far, but I'm doing what I can.

I do not miss calculus, lol. I've been just working on a bunch of art myself, catching up on Patreon rewards and commissions. I like staying busy though.

We made it to Gundam Seed Destiny. So far, the series isn't as bad as I heard, but we are barely into it thus far. I do enjoy Ikeda Shuichi having a role. Man, I watched Escaflowne sooo long ago.

Like my ex Holly once said, "There's so much to appreciate". Yes, I like to take her wisdom and use it to cheer you up. She was a natural cheerleader when my early adulthood had an unhappy beginning. The early 2010s were my worst years because of horrible clients.

Other than that, GSD is indeed an okay show and can be very useful when people wanna do an Anime Challenge on MAL or Anime Planet.

As for math, I used to suck at it until Professor Leonard gave me hope. I still want differential calculus for business or economics and maybe linear algebra in case I get into computer science.

Lastly, I think that there is great diligence in the way you do art.

It's that time of the year, so I wish you a Merry Christmas.

By the way, I finally got a chance to play Suikoden V for the first time and I love it, especially the cel-shaded graphics which looks kinda Zelda-esque. It really did age very well for a PS2 game.

Not sure if you played the Dot Hack G.U. games, but the music is as awesome as PS2-era Suikoden games. Both of those franchises share some of the same voice actors as popular anime like Naruto.

Happy Christmas to you, too!

I actually have been playing a super old PS2 era game called "ObsCure" with my fiance. It is very Resident Evil/Silent Hill styled. They cleaned up some of the graphics for the PC release, but the screen plays remind me of the good old days. I need to play a Suikoden game again sometime.

I haven't actually gotten to play the GU games, though I watched someone play it. I also still prefer games with the voices in Japanese than English lol

It's true that Japanese voices are more likeable (I like the fact that Melfina, Gwendolyn and Atoli have the same Japanese VA), but the acting in games at around 2007 are superior to those heard in games like Tales of Eternia or Evergrace, the acting in those late 90s or early 2000s games were godawful. JRPGs back in those days had translation issues. So glad games like Suikoden 4 changed all that.

Though, I have to admit that Michelle Ruff's performance in Jade Cocoon was impeccable. She was my age when the game came out.

Other than that, I'd like to know more about ObsCure myself. Not sure why that wasn't included in teh2Dgamer's underrated games playlist on Youtube.